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In order to produce accurate and complete surplus records, we need to know if there are liens or mortgages on the property because those liens are entitled to take the surplus money before the previous owner can.

To find out if there are liens or mortgages on the property, we have to see the Ownership & Encumbrance report that the county provides on every tax deed that is going up for auction.

41 out of 67 Florida Counties provide their O&E Reports freely online, you just need to know where to find them. These are the counties for which we provide surplus records. The other counties either offer the O&E’s only in person at the Clerk of Court office or they will provide the O&E by email/fax if you ask, but they may charge a fee for them. If you are interested in those other counties, we do provide contact information for the Clerk of Court for every county so you can request the O&E.

We keep an updated list of the counties we track here.

01/24/2021:  New counties are being added all the time. When we began is this company in 2018 only 34 counties provided their documents online. There are now 41 and there are a few more set to go online very soon.

We also need to know the start and end bid for the properties. If a county does not provide those online, we do not track the surplus. This does not mean YOU cannot go after the surplus…you would just need to do a little more work yourself (contacting the Clerk of Court)

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