When we began this service, we had never heard of them and some did not exist yet. However, this has ultimately become one of our most asked questions.

SurplusDatabase.com is owned by Natalie J Williams and Jade L’amour. We are not affiliated with ANY other ‘tax deed surplus’ business out there.

We own the following:

  • FloridaOverbids.com
  • TaxAuctionSurplus.com
  • SurplusDatabase.com
  • FloridaTaxAuction.com
  • UnclaimedBankruptcy.com
  • UnclaimedPropertyDB.com

and a few other domain names that we are currently not using.

We get asked to compare ourselves with their service or review them but we cannot since none of us here use their services.  The only thing we can offer in comparison is that we supply our clients with daily (Lien researched) surplus lists we create from the auctions we watch live.  We also supply the property owners name and mailing address as well as the Property Information Reports from the counties.

There is no other company in the U.S. that does this currently.

We HAVE spoken with Wallace of TaxSaleResults.com and Nick of Overages Syndicate and think highly of both.


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