The answer to this always varies. Since there are no contracts or mandatory term lengths, subscribers are free to come and go as you please.

People constantly think this business is over-saturated. The truth of the matter is that 80-90% of the people who try it will likely not stick with it. This is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme. I’m sure you have seen websites out there that scream success in the surplus recovery business. They are salesmen who “sell the dream”. There is actual hard work involved and the point of our records and training is to greatly reduce the time our clients spend on this end of the process.

It’s about the numbers. You need as many good surplus records you can get your hands on. You cannot just stick with one county. We produce surplus records from 36-38 counties and by the time you do all that needs to be done to find the good records, it’s time for the next week of auctions and you have zero time to locate clients, sign them and submit surplus claims.

The exception is our Pro Level. We do not allow over 20 clients on that level at any given time.

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