We do not have any plans right now to create surplus lists from other states because other states/county auctions do not work currently like Florida (Live auctions, Property Information Reports online, No redemption period after the auction). This makes it impossible to supply surplus records in the manner that we do for Florida.

We find that counties outside of Florida will put up a surplus list once their redemption period is over, which can be as far away as 2 years after the auction happens. There is no use obtaining these lists before the redemption period because a property owner may redeem and any surplus mentioned would not apply.

Although WE don’t provide lists for other states, there is another company that does (TaxSaleResults.com).

We are not affiliated with them, but if you get those lists, we do offer assistance in locating the claim form and process as well as the contact info for the county. Since they give ONLY a list, we know you need more than that so we try to help you.  Also, ANY list you have can be converted to import into your copy of the surplus database that resides on the website we give you. We have a video series showing you how to convert different file types into the format that will import into the database.

This makes it so you can organize and easily work through the records instead of having hundreds of lists in different file formats laying around on your computer.

Also, we find that once our clients understand how the whole process works, they are more knowledgeable on how to work with other states/counties. Locating the surplus lists is the easiest part. It is the claim process and laws that require in depth research and that is where we can assist you.

For more information, please read our document “Other Counties

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