We have 2 websites that give custom, daily surplus lists from the Florida Counties: and

Our 3rd website,, is the site where we keep forms, videos, training and ability to ask questions on each county page where there are links to each county’s resources… is included free with either of the surplus list websites. On Florida Overbids, we supply links to the county-supplied surplus lists but we advocate against using those because by the time a county puts out their list, our clients have already had those records for months and you are just wasting your time. and gives you the same surplus lists we create daily, with slight differences (shown below) and gives you a website and online database in which to import your records and organize the process of the steps you go through when doing asset recovery.

So the first thing is to answer two questions for yourself:

  1. “Do you want a website and online database?”
  2. “Do you want us to perform the lien research for liens that may be on the records?”

If the answer to both is NO, then you want
If either answer is YES, then you want

Now once you choose the site you want, here are the surplus list differences:



  • Surplus lists with amounts under $5,000 are included.
  • Everything else, you purchase what you want, when you want, a la carte.


  • ALL Surplus Records with over $5,000 in surplus
  • Surplus Lists are ready for download at the end of the day, after all counties finish their auction.
  • Property Reports for records over 5k included



  • Surplus Lists contain All Records with over 5k in Surplus
  • Surplus Lists and Auction Result Reports are ready for download right after each county finishes their auction, no waiting until the end of day
  • We send out an email every time we upload a new list or report
  • WE obtain Property Information Reports
  • WE perform ALL Lien Research on ALL records
  • You receive a Business Website that you can customize
  • You receive an Online Database into which you import your surplus records.
    Used to organize the records and work with them easier than just having spreadsheets on your computer.