List Available to Request

All Counties that are located in a state where there is Surplus from Tax Deed Auctions start out with this status. This means we know there should be a surplus list available for this county, but we have not yet verified or located it. We have a team that began locating these lists as of 9/1/19. You, as a subscriber on, have the option to “Request a List” for each county.  You submit a form, which makes us go look for the list. IF we find one, we charge your card $5.00. We then determine the actual cost of the list (see chart below) and send you an invoice.

File Type as retrieved Convert to Import into Database
Excel Spreadsheet .03¢ Per Record
CSV Format .03¢ Per Record
Records in List form (Text, MS Word or Editable PDF) .03¢ Per Record
Records in Paragraph form (Text MS Word or Editable PDF) .25¢ Per Record
Scanned PDF (Non-Editable) .50¢ Per Record
Image (Tif, Jpg, etc) .50¢ Per Record
  • If/when you pay the invoice, we will collect those records, convert them to a format where they will import into your database.
  • If you do not pay the invoice (you decide you do not want the list we found), your initial $5.00 is non-refundable. In essence, that $5 is paid for us to locate the surplus list for you.

List Located. Available for Purchase

In the above scenario, after a list is requested, if the client decided to not purchase the list, we still convert the list to a format that will import into your database and offer that list for sale on our website. The cost for this will be higher than if you were the one who requested the list and paid the above amounts, so it is in your best interest to be the first one to request.

Our employees are actively seeking out new lists right now.

Out of approximately 3,400 counties in the U.S, 2,200 of them should have Tax Deed Surplus Lists.

List Included in Daily Subscription

Surplus Lists with this status are included in your subscription to this website.

No Tax Deed Surplus Lists in this State

This county is in a state where there is no Tax Deed Surplus