Once we complete our Tax Deed Auction watching and researching, we make note of the people and companies who are entitled to submit a claim for the surplus and provide them here in our Surplus Database. You can search for your name or company name to see if you have possible surplus to claim.

Records are placed into our database only if the high bid generates at least $1,000 in surplus.

Search our Database by Name to discover if a Tax Deed was auctioned and you are listed as the previous owner or a lien holder, entitled to the surplus.


Previous Property Owner: You can search by your last name, street name, street address number or your property parcel number*
Banks, Lenders, Mortgage Companies: Search by bank name (or partial bank name), Company name or Parcel Number* of Property on which you hold the mortgage
Other Lien Holders:
 Search by company name (or partial company name)**
Asset Recovery Specialists: You can search by Tax Deed#***. If you deal in only a particular county, search by county.

*Tip for Parcel Number Searches
Parcel Number searches are tricky. Each county uses a different format and numbering system. We enter the Parcel Number into our database however the county supplies it on their Tax Deed Records, which is not necessarily even the way it is entered on their own Property Appraisers website. Therefore, if we have a record with a Parcel Number shown as 12-14-16200-37A025, and you try to perform a search on 12141620037A025, it will not show up in the results. You would do better with partial search terms such as 37A025 for the example shown.

Also, sometimes the “Parcel Number” we have is actually the “Alternative Key” the county assigns the property.

Tip for Lien Holders**: If you find a record where you are a lien holder, make note of the Record Number and perform a separate search on that so you can see all of the lien holders that are listed on that particular Tax Deed that was auctioned. This way, you can get an idea on if you are the Superior Lien Holder.

***Tip for Asset Recovery Specialists
Just as with Parcel Numbers, Tax Deed # Formats vary from county to county. We enter the Tax Deed # into our database exactly as the county gives it so be sure you do the same when searching.