Search Owner by Parcel

Below you will find a link for page on each state that gives you many public record resources. To find out who is the person entitled to the tax deed surplus, you need to know who was the owner of the property at the time of the sale/auction.

  1. Go to the state page where the auction was located
  2. Click on the County where the auction was held
  3. Find the link that says either “Property Appraiser” or “Property Assessor”
  4. Use the Parcel Number to search for that property (This may also be called PIN or APN)
  5. The current listed owner is not the person who is entitled to the surplus (unless the auction recently happened and the website has not updated their records to reflect the new owner) – you must look at the sale dates and choose the most recent sale date that was before the auction date. This will show you who was the owner at the time of the auction.
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