Here is what happens each day:

On each given day, several counties will hold their auctions.
After each County finishes, we send out an “Auction Results Report” (PDF).
You get one of these for each county that has an auction that day.

The Auction Results PDF tells you:

  1. that the tax deed sold successfully

  2. who the property owner is and their address

  3. the amount of surplus and

  4. IF there are documents mentioned on the Property Information Report (prepared by the county) that MAY be liens.
    We don’t know yet because we don’t check the documents until after ALL county auctions are finished.

Some clients like these reports because if there are NO documents showing on the Property Report, they don’t need to wait to see if there are liens and they can go after the owner immediately.

Once all counties finish their auctions, we research the documents and liens on ALL counties, then upload all files:

  • Claimants Report (PDF) – ALL records with the liens researched on a PDF Document. Some clients like to print these out and use them while they are skip tracing.

  • Pro Researched Records (XLSX) – ALL records with the liens researched on an Excel Spreadsheet. Some clients like to view the records this way because they can sort the columns and delete records they don’t want, etc.

  • Pro Researched Records (CSV) – ALL records with the liens researched on a CSV file. THIS is the file you use to import into your online database. Some clients don’t use the database we give them, they have their own system. CSV Files can be imported into many different software/databases…not just ours.

Have a look at this screenshot from the Pro List Repository where you download items.

See how each day, there is a pattern of what items are there.