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CountySurplus AmountPartial Owner NamePartial Property Address
Miami-Dade County$515,376.85 Sivoko (hidden)193 (hidden)
Lee County$488,408.16 OBRIEN (hidden)480 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$408,550.65 Kennet (hidden)459 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$395,514.91 G De A (hidden)667 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$354,389.58 Risk I (hidden)900 (hidden)
Hernando County$351,911.85 West (hidden)Pon (hidden)
Osceola County$327,530.89 GERWIG (hidden)255 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$257,414.30 Rodrig (hidden)31 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$248,885.50 Olga (hidden)410 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$234,525.70 Munday (hidden)125 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$229,862.99 Errol (hidden)154 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$222,638.12 Freddi (hidden)161 (hidden)
Broward County$215,309.24 Lewis (hidden)141 (hidden)
Lee County$204,670.86 Busch (hidden)210 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$196,609.29 Franci (hidden)173 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$195,556.83 SMITH (hidden)136 (hidden)
Flagler County$195,019.80 Mary C (hidden)63 (hidden)
Orange County$191,241.24 Jose L (hidden)420 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$182,732.11 Elizav (hidden)193 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$178,576.15 EVERET (hidden)253 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$165,237.39 Garcia (hidden)728 (hidden)
Manatee County$159,857.22 Georg (hidden)620 (hidden)
Duval County$158,006.40 Jay Br (hidden)125 (hidden)
Duval County$155,978.66 Donald (hidden)122 (hidden)
Manatee County$153,137.43 James (hidden)542 (hidden)
Lee County$150,032.26 MALT R (hidden)ACC (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$147,565.74 Claire (hidden)275 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$143,942.15 Carlos (hidden)484 (hidden)
St Johns County$143,712.82 James (hidden)26 (hidden)
Orange County$142,994.61 Kevin (hidden)486 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$142,107.78 **NO G (hidden)592 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$135,618.83 Elliot (hidden)178 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$135,515.32 Jarqui (hidden)524 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$134,222.69 Fancis (hidden)823 (hidden)
Levy County$133,112.99 HOFFMA (hidden)11 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$130,835.03 CARMEN (hidden)231 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$126,510.30 James (hidden)410 (hidden)
Osceola County$125,415.50 Saul (hidden)965 (hidden)
Leon County$121,912.53 Howard (hidden)433 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$121,479.59 LANCAS (hidden)770 (hidden)
Broward County$120,995.06 Yaffa (hidden)924 (hidden)
Osceola County$117,859.51 Shen Z (hidden)916 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$116,762.65 HECTOR (hidden)835 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$116,321.93 Exposi (hidden)200 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$116,273.58 At The (hidden)191 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$116,195.62 WESTER (hidden)900 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$116,146.11 Kim Ha (hidden)710 (hidden)
St Lucie County$115,810.00 (Est) (hidden)481 (hidden)
Lee County$115,709.40 ROBERT (hidden)ACC (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$114,462.54 VIRGIN (hidden)956 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$113,336.62 Dougla (hidden)619 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$113,066.32 Charle (hidden)401 (hidden)
Escambia County$111,052.40 Scarle (hidden)186 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$110,650.39 HILL J (hidden)930 (hidden)
Lee County$109,684.10 DIGIOV (hidden)122 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$109,536.47 Cartag (hidden)189 (hidden)
St Lucie County$109,356.85 (Tr) K (hidden)572 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$108,466.65 Seal N (hidden)308 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$108,462.93 BRC CO (hidden)138 (hidden)
Polk County$108,397.88 Adam B (hidden)420 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$107,347.67 M Sosa (hidden)740 (hidden)
Duval County$105,416.17 Harvey (hidden)232 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$103,208.95 MARIA (hidden)660 (hidden)
Lee County$103,157.93 ROBERT (hidden)ACC (hidden)
Brevard County$103,154.45 Josep (hidden)998 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$102,287.19 F R H (hidden)100 (hidden)
Brevard County$102,157.39 Faye (hidden)960 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$101,718.57 PAUL S (hidden)457 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$101,166.23 DANIEL (hidden)750 (hidden)
Duval County$100,951.40 Robyn (hidden)101 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$100,602.24 M Garc (hidden)100 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$100,293.68 PEGASU (hidden)118 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$100,101.97 Wolfe (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$100,071.74 Gramat (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Hillsborough County$99,908.35 Willia (hidden)309 (hidden)
Duval County$98,841.58 County (hidden)341 (hidden)
Volusia County$98,607.33 AHP SU (hidden)590 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$98,571.73 915 E (hidden)915 (hidden)
Charlotte County$98,280.77 NICHOL (hidden)302 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$97,806.02 Kurt (hidden)945 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$97,609.17 ANGEL (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$96,785.59 Ray C (hidden)171 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$96,388.19 Juan & (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Palm Beach County$96,197.24 CYR RI (hidden)150 (hidden)
Indian River County$95,779.64 TRAN L (hidden)505 (hidden)
Broward County$95,606.39 Doroth (hidden)192 (hidden)
Martin County$95,487.07 WUEST (hidden)867 (hidden)
Polk County$95,212.15 SVIZEN (hidden)736 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$95,107.24 Homest (hidden)160 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$95,033.32 Juan C (hidden)291 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$94,542.86 Richar (hidden)150 (hidden)
Orange County$94,258.99 GORDON (hidden)560 (hidden)
Polk County$93,443.64 Martin (hidden)917 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$93,423.43 Iacobe (hidden)188 (hidden)
Duval County$92,642.13 Patric (hidden)623 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$92,201.99 Thomas (hidden)312 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$90,701.96 Franci (hidden)190 (hidden)
Osceola County$90,306.01 WIGGIN (hidden)JON (hidden)
Pinellas County$90,206.04 Joyce (hidden)502 (hidden)
Bay County$88,961.80 Shirl (hidden)116 (hidden)
Duval County$88,711.18 Brian (hidden)117 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$88,680.10 Marie (hidden)254 (hidden)
Polk County$88,289.22 BLACK (hidden)9 M (hidden)
Broward County$88,072.60 Artis (hidden)523 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$87,010.68 Florin (hidden)180 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$86,538.01 Carrie (hidden)178 (hidden)
Broward County$86,124.31 Miguel (hidden)130 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$85,598.17 HECTOR (hidden)835 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$85,476.93 Lane H (hidden)461 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$84,585.48 TURTLE (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$84,530.12 Albert (hidden)114 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$84,227.44 Marie (hidden)265 (hidden)
Broward County$84,129.20 Cather (hidden)405 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$83,904.92 Willie (hidden)914 (hidden)
Broward County$83,187.32 Harry (hidden)524 (hidden)
Duval County$81,753.82 Michae (hidden)567 (hidden)
Pinellas County$81,697.21 Elfri (hidden)681 (hidden)
Charlotte County$81,580.76 Doxie (hidden)186 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$81,508.41 RENE J (hidden)740 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$81,393.89 Stewar (hidden)380 (hidden)
Escambia County$81,003.47 DENNIS (hidden)240 (hidden)
Escambia County$80,614.49 MCDONA (hidden)157 (hidden)
Lee County$78,438.47 JORDAN (hidden)179 (hidden)
Broward County$78,005.21 Chad G (hidden)404 (hidden)
Clay County$77,682.95 Robert (hidden)143 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$77,500.35 Pete F (hidden)232 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$75,622.27 Juan (hidden)111 (hidden)
Lee County$75,536.02 Andon (hidden)711 (hidden)
Lee County$75,491.97 STOFFE (hidden)233 (hidden)
Brevard County$75,338.39 EVANS, (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$74,929.67 Betanc (hidden)208 (hidden)
Pinellas County$74,914.08 I'Bre (hidden)402 (hidden)
Escambia County$74,650.69 Mark (hidden)140 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$74,585.45 SOMKID (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$74,298.37 Ernest (hidden)716 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$74,187.94 Etelvi (hidden)50 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$73,765.12 Dorett (hidden)741 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$73,647.68 GORDON (hidden)841 (hidden)
Charlotte County$73,024.94 Chad & (hidden)53 (hidden)
Lake County$72,083.98 Marian (hidden)120 (hidden)
Broward County$72,059.82 Dennis (hidden)241 (hidden)
Orange County$71,463.18 Fernan (hidden)439 (hidden)
Orange County$70,402.74 Wen In (hidden)457 (hidden)
Polk County$70,305.23 Sheik (hidden)304 (hidden)
Escambia County$69,605.87 OSTROM (hidden)815 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$69,477.86 FIELDS (hidden)123 (hidden)
St Lucie County$69,332.24 (Tr) N (hidden)690 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$69,164.89 Marily (hidden)253 (hidden)
Walton County$69,134.07 Laura (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Hillsborough County$67,553.92 Steven (hidden)190 (hidden)
Orange County$67,328.18 Crishn (hidden)145 (hidden)
Manatee County$67,063.81 Marth (hidden)160 (hidden)
Orange County$67,016.48 Rose M (hidden)806 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$66,935.12 CARLOS (hidden)242 (hidden)
Duval County$66,815.16 Kennet (hidden)353 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$66,402.14 Gail E (hidden)182 (hidden)
Marion County$66,334.87 Oaks M (hidden)No (hidden)
Hillsborough County$65,959.04 Willia (hidden)463 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$65,883.04 FERNAN (hidden)152 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$65,765.54 BREWER (hidden)E 5 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$65,620.79 Fausti (hidden)200 (hidden)
Hernando County$65,017.27 Lisa (hidden)524 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$64,774.24 Castil (hidden)115 (hidden)
Duval County$64,663.92 WILLIA (hidden)354 (hidden)
Polk County$64,475.77 Kim A (hidden)111 (hidden)
Lee County$64,436.13 OAKSHI (hidden)100 (hidden)
St Lucie County$63,953.18 Johnny (hidden)241 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$63,705.68 Maria (hidden)922 (hidden)
Indian River County$63,456.28 PACIFI (hidden)204 (hidden)
Duval County$63,293.62 Freder (hidden)121 (hidden)
Polk County$63,046.20 BLAIR (hidden)912 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$62,221.08 LIBIA (hidden)173 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$62,007.48 Ernest (hidden)910 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$61,950.21 Murtis (hidden)340 (hidden)
St Lucie County$61,926.02 (Est) (hidden)171 (hidden)
Citrus County$61,921.09 Carol (hidden)359 (hidden)
Lee County$61,233.48 Terenc (hidden)474 (hidden)
Collier County$60,688.62 WOSK, (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Okaloosa County$60,529.30 COMMEE (hidden)163 (hidden)
Flagler County$60,459.72 Anne & (hidden)191 (hidden)
Duval County$60,077.45 Ghamia (hidden)641 (hidden)
Polk County$59,869.50 Lee (hidden)223 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$59,853.46 Alicia (hidden)244 (hidden)
Marion County$59,794.41 Willia (hidden)752 (hidden)
St Lucie County$59,461.59 Robert (hidden)314 (hidden)
Escambia County$59,270.02 Gilber (hidden)622 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$58,719.46 W Gram (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$58,018.42 SPROUS (hidden)119 (hidden)
St Lucie County$57,880.82 Nellie (hidden)429 (hidden)
Duval County$57,668.66 Ethel (hidden)516 (hidden)
Brevard County$57,527.45 Anna (hidden)181 (hidden)
Escambia County$57,366.45 GRAY D (hidden)507 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$57,357.04 CIRCLE (hidden)227 (hidden)
Orange County$57,350.38 Eric (hidden)525 (hidden)
Hernando County$57,194.02 Sandra (hidden)112 (hidden)
Collier County$57,052.76 Richa (hidden)531 (hidden)
Lee County$56,974.25 UNKNOW (hidden)196 (hidden)
Collier County$56,605.34 SOUTH (hidden)205 (hidden)
Marion County$56,604.55 Joseph (hidden)355 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$55,571.89 ANNIE (hidden)117 (hidden)
Brevard County$55,546.05 Ruby (hidden)255 (hidden)
Escambia County$55,511.78 9068 L (hidden)906 (hidden)
Lee County$55,006.93 TRICAR (hidden)227 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$55,001.26 Barbar (hidden)306 (hidden)
Orange County$54,912.53 Gary L (hidden)255 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$54,888.76 Martin (hidden)165 (hidden)
Pinellas County$54,295.96 Barba (hidden)460 (hidden)
Charlotte County$54,264.62 SCOTT- (hidden)472 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$54,244.54 MARY F (hidden)196 (hidden)
Marion County$53,766.87 George (hidden)7 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$53,476.23 Tlc 20 (hidden)119 (hidden)
Duval County$53,299.78 Philli (hidden)333 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$52,977.60 MIRAND (hidden)350 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$52,800.52 Johnso (hidden)127 (hidden)
Escambia County$52,630.63 Mary E (hidden)854 (hidden)
Orange County$52,172.60 LI NIN (hidden)410 (hidden)
Orange County$52,017.26 Willie (hidden)464 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$52,011.24 Alyson (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Pinellas County$51,968.37 Rober (hidden)852 (hidden)
Orange County$51,631.53 DAGUE (hidden)345 (hidden)
Citrus County$51,498.55 Judith (hidden)403 (hidden)
Lake County$51,379.74 Stewar (hidden)115 (hidden)
Lee County$51,138.27 TRICAR (hidden)350 (hidden)
Polk County$50,968.06 Sharon (hidden)134 (hidden)
Manatee County$50,924.77 MIRROR (hidden)376 (hidden)
Brevard County$50,373.49 Maoz (hidden)364 (hidden)
Santa Rosa County$50,219.28 Anthon (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Brevard County$50,215.47 David (hidden)144 (hidden)
Volusia County$50,200.23 DELAND (hidden)150 (hidden)
Broward County$49,964.01 TAYLOR (hidden)243 (hidden)
Orange County$49,599.94 Roslyn (hidden)760 (hidden)
Duval County$49,399.98 Joann (hidden)830 (hidden)
Broward County$49,306.89 Gerald (hidden)888 (hidden)
Pinellas County$49,210.27 Reid (hidden)Wav (hidden)
Leon County$49,200.88 BROWN (hidden)524 (hidden)
Escambia County$49,047.84 AUSTIN (hidden)787 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$48,803.73 SOMKID (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Santa Rosa County$48,715.00 David (hidden)778 (hidden)
Putnam County$48,639.55 John A (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Broward County$48,401.05 Doroth (hidden)474 (hidden)
Duval County$48,201.50 REDMON (hidden)801 (hidden)
Duval County$47,964.83 James (hidden)457 (hidden)
Duval County$47,865.73 MULLIS (hidden)785 (hidden)
Collier County$47,417.04 SOUTH (hidden)198 (hidden)
Broward County$47,045.43 Denice (hidden)151 (hidden)
Polk County$47,002.13 George (hidden)570 (hidden)
Broward County$46,976.54 Christ (hidden)245 (hidden)
Osceola County$46,961.99 GEORGI (hidden)MUS (hidden)
Duval County$46,705.46 Rose (hidden)367 (hidden)
Escambia County$46,702.11 STRICK (hidden)390 (hidden)
St Lucie County$46,699.83 Keck B (hidden)905 (hidden)
Polk County$46,615.82 Eddy C (hidden)318 (hidden)
Duval County$46,592.59 Edward (hidden)680 (hidden)
Polk County$46,411.97 Elaine (hidden)450 (hidden)
Escambia County$46,177.17 Albert (hidden)357 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$46,100.89 LANCAS (hidden)450 (hidden)
Escambia County$45,912.44 Betty (hidden)110 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$45,815.38 Marcus (hidden)231 (hidden)
Lee County$45,783.27 UNKNOW (hidden)303 (hidden)
Polk County$45,781.71 SIMONS (hidden)CAR (hidden)
Lee County$45,685.18 GLADYS (hidden)842 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$45,550.23 DENIS (hidden)154 (hidden)
Pinellas County$45,424.53 John (hidden)510 (hidden)
Polk County$45,302.42 SHUMAN (hidden)352 (hidden)
St Lucie County$45,157.53 Bertha (hidden)150 (hidden)
Lake County$44,766.77 DIXON (hidden)CAR (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$44,638.57 Larry (hidden)711 (hidden)
Polk County$44,637.61 David (hidden)123 (hidden)
Osceola County$44,608.32 Mary E (hidden)396 (hidden)
Lee County$44,581.60 JAD GR (hidden)174 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$44,499.44 Margar (hidden)190 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$44,451.80 Kevin (hidden)121 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$44,426.50 Mary J (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Hillsborough County$44,273.03 Tawa S (hidden)831 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$44,195.04 Christ (hidden)280 (hidden)
Broward County$44,133.14 CONLEY (hidden)606 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$44,087.55 Aron T (hidden)80 (hidden)
Orange County$44,025.70 DAVIS (hidden)141 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$43,914.64 Pf Sa (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Hillsborough County$43,829.63 Tawa (hidden)171 (hidden)
Hernando County$43,813.87 Madde (hidden)703 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$43,741.87 Anna (hidden)521 (hidden)
Broward County$43,696.92 JONES, (hidden)103 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$43,642.19 MCDILL (hidden)125 (hidden)
Charlotte County$43,629.07 Frans (hidden)311 (hidden)
Duval County$43,582.37 TWA FO (hidden)314 (hidden)
Duval County$43,537.29 THOMAS (hidden)972 (hidden)
Duval County$43,443.75 ZUBALY (hidden)HEC (hidden)
Hillsborough County$43,204.26 Riyad (hidden)181 (hidden)
Duval County$43,117.40 Joe Es (hidden)272 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$43,085.30 ROJAS (hidden)591 (hidden)
Duval County$43,075.03 TOMASE (hidden)950 (hidden)
Broward County$42,806.29 FRANCI (hidden)380 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$42,754.13 Philip (hidden)692 (hidden)
Manatee County$42,681.99 JACKSO (hidden)531 (hidden)
Flagler County$42,661.94 Manuel (hidden)74 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$42,555.55 Jagjit (hidden)Us (hidden)
Polk County$42,104.08 Maliva (hidden)56 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$42,019.98 Richar (hidden)871 (hidden)
Broward County$41,937.79 TARPON (hidden)508 (hidden)
Lee County$41,929.86 Bernic (hidden)177 (hidden)
Duval County$41,916.44 WILSON (hidden)662 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$41,816.32 CATHER (hidden)321 (hidden)
Charlotte County$41,768.38 James (hidden)619 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$41,543.92 Kennet (hidden)40 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$41,445.27 MHR GR (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$41,424.87 ADAMS (hidden)921 (hidden)
Lake County$41,395.11 Steven (hidden)123 (hidden)
Broward County$41,372.41 Charlo (hidden)100 (hidden)
Broward County$41,312.80 Krupsk (hidden)562 (hidden)
Broward County$41,029.08 Major (hidden)Nw (hidden)
Clay County$40,669.22 June W (hidden)334 (hidden)
Lee County$40,658.64 Ronald (hidden)100 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$40,648.43 Renard (hidden)818 (hidden)
Pinellas County$40,331.52 Karen (hidden)192 (hidden)
Leon County$40,313.84 Horten (hidden)471 (hidden)
Lee County$40,279.23 Moises (hidden)493 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$40,131.62 Albert (hidden)134 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$40,096.69 Elvis (hidden)864 (hidden)
Lake County$40,079.92 RAHMAN (hidden)COU (hidden)
Leon County$39,939.59 TESTON (hidden)109 (hidden)
Duval County$39,830.04 Ephesu (hidden)702 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$39,707.50 MARTHA (hidden)505 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$39,576.61 TEST R (hidden)HID (hidden)
Hillsborough County$39,566.16 PORTER (hidden)101 (hidden)
Pinellas County$39,508.51 Thoma (hidden)658 (hidden)
Escambia County$39,428.24 Dawn L (hidden)972 (hidden)
Collier County$39,131.58 GODDAR (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Hillsborough County$38,569.75 Sandra (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Lee County$38,562.92 Rosema (hidden)122 (hidden)
Duval County$38,386.09 David (hidden)281 (hidden)
Escambia County$38,330.83 Duane (hidden)16 (hidden)
Citrus County$38,313.20 Floren (hidden)865 (hidden)
Lee County$38,303.52 UNKNOW (hidden)284 (hidden)
Escambia County$38,055.59 SUNDAY (hidden)813 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$37,831.85 Jose G (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$37,758.66 HORIZO (hidden)406 (hidden)
Duval County$37,716.04 JARRET (hidden)105 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$37,682.09 EMORY (hidden)269 (hidden)
Broward County$37,590.58 GARRET (hidden)NW (hidden)
Duval County$37,581.06 AMERIC (hidden)517 (hidden)
Brevard County$37,573.78 Richar (hidden)520 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$37,567.37 Elizab (hidden)124 (hidden)
Escambia County$37,423.45 Margar (hidden)717 (hidden)
Volusia County$37,409.74 ALICEA (hidden)234 (hidden)
Lee County$37,402.40 WILLAR (hidden)180 (hidden)
Duval County$37,317.08 Mildre (hidden)352 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$37,226.52 Russel (hidden)460 (hidden)
Duval County$37,149.20 Cheste (hidden)673 (hidden)
Broward County$37,031.07 Sylvia (hidden)583 (hidden)
St Johns County$37,030.27 J Russ (hidden)460 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$36,947.45 Jose (hidden)224 (hidden)
Polk County$36,895.59 Shelma (hidden)190 (hidden)
Broward County$36,707.34 LOVE, (hidden)NW (hidden)
St Lucie County$36,682.28 Dennis (hidden)433 (hidden)
Pinellas County$36,606.99 Barba (hidden)133 (hidden)
Orange County$36,494.63 Timoth (hidden)231 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$36,420.67 BAROFF (hidden)736 (hidden)
Duval County$36,377.45 Melvin (hidden)175 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$36,219.92 M Roja (hidden)298 (hidden)
Duval County$36,175.33 HOUSE (hidden)109 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$36,143.69 Fullin (hidden)160 (hidden)
Escambia County$36,001.63 SOWARD (hidden)281 (hidden)
Pinellas County$35,985.42 Patri (hidden)523 (hidden)
Duval County$35,932.63 BROOKS (hidden)105 (hidden)
Lake County$35,821.11 Darrel (hidden)215 (hidden)
Broward County$35,812.84 Rose (hidden)17 (hidden)
Polk County$35,783.39 Randy (hidden)504 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$35,759.43 Sidney (hidden)0.0833333333333333 (hidden)
Leon County$35,664.20 COLBER (hidden)243 (hidden)
Lee County$35,567.52 CHANCE (hidden)230 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$35,523.28 PLACE (hidden)751 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$35,446.23 Jacob- (hidden)285 (hidden)
Broward County$35,423.67 DOUGLA (hidden)NW (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$35,371.79 Velasq (hidden)122 (hidden)
Marion County$35,346.16 Arthur (hidden)111 (hidden)
Duval County$35,289.70 GOFF J (hidden)305 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$35,159.45 Steven (hidden)280 (hidden)
Flagler County$35,159.38 Stephe (hidden)45 (hidden)
Escambia County$35,152.38 James (hidden)331 (hidden)
Brevard County$34,773.10 Emeli (hidden)423 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$34,517.84 MIGUEL (hidden)217 (hidden)
Lake County$34,348.44 Thomas (hidden)155 (hidden)
Escambia County$34,237.94 Bessie (hidden)401 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$34,141.23 Rose M (hidden)124 (hidden)
Brevard County$34,024.07 Micha (hidden)330 (hidden)
Marion County$33,899.97 George (hidden)48 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$33,894.11 Andres (hidden)140 (hidden)
Duval County$33,788.62 Camero (hidden)424 (hidden)
Duval County$33,715.67 Randy (hidden)697 (hidden)
Duval County$33,531.06 Kevin (hidden)794 (hidden)
Osceola County$33,528.55 Jaime (hidden)Eas (hidden)
Hernando County$33,494.44 Chris (hidden)130 (hidden)
Marion County$33,453.09 David (hidden)955 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$33,198.72 KINGDO (hidden)303 (hidden)
Duval County$33,197.27 Masel (hidden)414 (hidden)
Polk County$33,166.96 CARRAS (hidden)425 (hidden)
Escambia County$33,137.83 Erma L (hidden)640 (hidden)
Brevard County$33,030.83 Lorne (hidden)178 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$32,935.37 WILLIA (hidden)874 (hidden)
Broward County$32,774.30 Charle (hidden)Nw (hidden)
Polk County$32,734.42 Litisi (hidden)104 (hidden)
Duval County$32,512.95 ABRAMS (hidden)611 (hidden)
Orange County$32,410.82 Ricky (hidden)292 (hidden)
Duval County$32,303.29 Cassan (hidden)291 (hidden)
Duval County$32,246.66 Steven (hidden)866 (hidden)
Escambia County$32,216.59 SCHOFI (hidden)921 (hidden)
Polk County$32,188.01 CAVANA (hidden)985 (hidden)
Collier County$32,065.96 MC GIL (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$31,915.59 MICHAE (hidden)634 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$31,683.48 HELBLI (hidden)120 (hidden)
Leon County$31,654.18 Willia (hidden)132 (hidden)
Orange County$31,646.38 WILEY (hidden)0 R (hidden)
Duval County$31,571.67 Tammy (hidden)142 (hidden)
Manatee County$31,534.96 There (hidden)533 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$31,314.51 Winton (hidden)111 (hidden)
Lake County$31,294.86 Pearl (hidden)257 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$31,285.07 Eugene (hidden)622 (hidden)
Escambia County$31,218.86 James (hidden)329 (hidden)
Orange County$31,180.95 OAK SH (hidden)280 (hidden)
Duval County$31,042.83 MONTIL (hidden)374 (hidden)
Osceola County$30,965.96 Scott (hidden)112 (hidden)
Pinellas County$30,916.60 Rober (hidden)373 (hidden)
Duval County$30,787.34 Helen (hidden)211 (hidden)
Walton County$30,775.28 Thadde (hidden)93 (hidden)
Marion County$30,711.90 Marie (hidden)948 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$30,478.03 PORTER (hidden)101 (hidden)
Bay County$30,406.56 MUSCO, (hidden)261 (hidden)
Broward County$30,356.27 Anna M (hidden)91 (hidden)
Leon County$30,352.83 Cheryl (hidden)100 (hidden)
Duval County$30,265.37 JOHNSO (hidden)453 (hidden)
Orange County$30,228.45 Joseph (hidden)189 (hidden)
Orange County$30,216.96 Ralph (hidden)250 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$30,046.05 Denver (hidden)115 (hidden)
Broward County$30,007.54 Dahlyn (hidden)609 (hidden)
St Johns County$29,917.69 Kathle (hidden)103 (hidden)
Collier County$29,899.41 Rita (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$29,880.13 FLORID (hidden)622 (hidden)
Orange County$29,850.75 Morgan (hidden)123 (hidden)
Volusia County$29,848.98 CYD AS (hidden)213 (hidden)
Broward County$29,848.69 KING, (hidden)109 (hidden)
Citrus County$29,770.22 BAUMGA (hidden)141 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$29,733.59 SUNNYB (hidden)146 (hidden)
Brevard County$29,727.99 Agnes (hidden)287 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$29,722.30 Raul (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$29,718.14 L Thom (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Hillsborough County$29,711.05 RODRIG (hidden)113 (hidden)
Duval County$29,687.72 David (hidden)244 (hidden)
Duval County$29,572.17 Potsum (hidden)162 (hidden)
Brevard County$29,462.55 David (hidden)112 (hidden)
Bay County$29,314.60 Louis, (hidden)110 (hidden)
Leon County$29,260.25 STARKS (hidden)110 (hidden)
Marion County$29,241.18 Robert (hidden)415 (hidden)
Polk County$29,183.94 DIEDRI (hidden)331 (hidden)
Escambia County$29,160.96 Lindsa (hidden)251 (hidden)
Flagler County$29,142.35 Remedi (hidden)2 E (hidden)
Palm Beach County$29,068.05 ORNELA (hidden)788 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$29,020.19 CAMPBE (hidden)DAV (hidden)
Orange County$28,836.85 ALUMNI (hidden)0 (hidden)
Duval County$28,721.32 E Mich (hidden)130 (hidden)
Osceola County$28,707.64 PEREZ (hidden)836 (hidden)
Duval County$28,628.25 Street (hidden)374 (hidden)
Hernando County$28,612.62 Aida (hidden)442 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$28,556.04 Adrian (hidden)653 (hidden)
Orange County$28,390.68 GULF S (hidden)0 M (hidden)
Lee County$28,286.13 Louise (hidden)27 (hidden)
Duval County$28,197.27 HARRIS (hidden)242 (hidden)
Polk County$28,131.84 Bessie (hidden)101 (hidden)
Collier County$28,064.67 BOTYOS (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$28,064.48 BAILEY (hidden)843 (hidden)
Polk County$27,796.47 Ruth L (hidden)111 (hidden)
Hernando County$27,787.49 John D (hidden)Ced (hidden)
Brevard County$27,752.82 Wayne (hidden)600 (hidden)
Escambia County$27,748.76 Mary M (hidden)910 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$27,744.81 James (hidden)553 (hidden)
Escambia County$27,703.75 Jeremy (hidden)812 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$27,677.35 Henry (hidden)127 (hidden)
Duval County$27,664.29 PHILLI (hidden)583 (hidden)
Duval County$27,650.25 VANDER (hidden)341 (hidden)
Marion County$27,573.64 George (hidden)885 (hidden)
Flagler County$27,551.08 Frank (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$27,543.51 Earl E (hidden)275 (hidden)
Duval County$27,475.36 Donna (hidden)313 (hidden)
Duval County$27,373.82 Lubert (hidden)520 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$27,273.64 Leroy (hidden)210 (hidden)
Lee County$27,268.47 MOORE (hidden)830 (hidden)
Leon County$27,257.48 Kirste (hidden)557 (hidden)
Polk County$27,243.54 Dmitri (hidden)482 (hidden)
Broward County$27,189.67 Gerald (hidden)Nw (hidden)
Santa Rosa County$27,151.15 MARTIN (hidden)909 (hidden)
Pinellas County$27,095.15 Thana (hidden)145 (hidden)
Bay County$27,048.51 GARDEN (hidden)252 (hidden)
Citrus County$27,038.76 BOLTON (hidden)13 (hidden)
Escambia County$27,006.32 John C (hidden)911 (hidden)
Pinellas County$26,987.60 Biltmo (hidden)Gul (hidden)
Leon County$26,853.41 Kennet (hidden)206 (hidden)
Lake County$26,822.00 Bear R (hidden)Bea (hidden)
Manatee County$26,798.94 Barry (hidden)715 (hidden)
Lake County$26,731.85 FLAGLE (hidden)170 (hidden)
Broward County$26,639.82 SAUTER (hidden)NW (hidden)
Levy County$26,596.67 Louise (hidden)573 (hidden)
St Johns County$26,564.61 Laura (hidden)232 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$26,530.67 IEA CA (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Palm Beach County$26,469.36 CANTER (hidden)218 (hidden)
Hernando County$26,433.86 John W (hidden)142 (hidden)
Orange County$26,429.48 Rukmin (hidden)0 R (hidden)
Collier County$26,288.68 DOLENA (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Leon County$26,210.68 Warren (hidden)111 (hidden)
Okaloosa County$26,055.95 Vance (hidden)108 (hidden)
St Lucie County$26,002.35 Tarpon (hidden)135 (hidden)
Lee County$25,983.44 Patric (hidden)794 (hidden)
Brevard County$25,740.95 Alexa (hidden)300 (hidden)
Lake County$25,715.05 Willia (hidden)226 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$25,685.44 Leslie (hidden)100 (hidden)
Duval County$25,645.03 ANDERS (hidden)210 (hidden)
Lee County$25,496.98 Rosa L (hidden)214 (hidden)
Duval County$25,435.95 Rose (hidden)100 (hidden)
Broward County$25,373.12 TARPON (hidden)141 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$25,369.65 Debora (hidden)352 (hidden)
Citrus County$25,354.47 Timoth (hidden)782 (hidden)
Duval County$25,302.16 Lawren (hidden)261 (hidden)
Duval County$25,248.71 JONES (hidden)546 (hidden)
Duval County$25,154.95 BERRIN (hidden)153 (hidden)
Duval County$25,146.25 Richar (hidden)436 (hidden)
Pinellas County$25,130.17 Tran (hidden)403 (hidden)
Duval County$25,008.00 Trust (hidden)891 (hidden)
Lee County$24,988.99 Sam J (hidden)141 (hidden)
Marion County$24,947.75 Glarus (hidden)No (hidden)
Marion County$24,896.27 Betty (hidden)113 (hidden)
Walton County$24,825.34 Ryan L (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Santa Rosa County$24,545.98 Barry (hidden)642 (hidden)
Duval County$24,465.96 Gerald (hidden)860 (hidden)
Duval County$24,460.64 GREEN (hidden)120 (hidden)
Flagler County$24,372.16 Gary (hidden)72 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$24,316.90 Elizab (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$24,306.77 Malaya (hidden)228 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$24,273.31 Angela (hidden)140 (hidden)
Orange County$24,139.61 ALUMNI (hidden)226 (hidden)
Duval County$23,937.61 BUSHER (hidden)998 (hidden)
Duval County$23,854.93 2069 P (hidden)206 (hidden)
Lee County$23,832.04 Stella (hidden)453 (hidden)
Lee County$23,808.83 Jose V (hidden)252 (hidden)
Santa Rosa County$23,748.37 Jan An (hidden)370 (hidden)
Lee County$23,746.44 LORENZ (hidden)111 (hidden)
Polk County$23,704.17 Freder (hidden)Log (hidden)
Polk County$23,697.47 Jackie (hidden)338 (hidden)
Duval County$23,552.21 Dewey (hidden)192 (hidden)
Lee County$23,517.80 BENN D (hidden)826 (hidden)
Duval County$23,513.43 Richar (hidden)540 (hidden)
Duval County$23,495.74 Patric (hidden)160 (hidden)
Citrus County$23,478.80 Shelle (hidden)499 (hidden)
Duval County$23,458.28 GEORGE (hidden)326 (hidden)
Polk County$23,455.76 Cather (hidden)Lin (hidden)
Hernando County$23,447.92 Laura (hidden)271 (hidden)
Bay County$23,416.42 Nikki (hidden)661 (hidden)
Duval County$23,403.75 Victor (hidden)Mim (hidden)
Clay County$23,347.32 Master (hidden)234 (hidden)
Broward County$23,314.44 GARRET (hidden)NW (hidden)
Pinellas County$23,269.58 Andre (hidden)130 (hidden)
Duval County$23,251.74 Milton (hidden)585 (hidden)
Brevard County$23,242.49 Glady (hidden)133 (hidden)
Orange County$23,237.20 Shaina (hidden)0 O (hidden)
Broward County$23,194.21 Leroy (hidden)Nw (hidden)
Lee County$23,164.36 Leroy (hidden)272 (hidden)
Escambia County$23,125.90 Edna L (hidden)19 (hidden)
Okaloosa County$23,090.43 D H & (hidden)377 (hidden)
Orange County$23,073.85 Kevin (hidden)252 (hidden)
Bay County$22,998.24 WHITE, (hidden)251 (hidden)
Bay County$22,898.21 BARKER (hidden)145 (hidden)
Duval County$22,895.03 NORFOL (hidden)933 (hidden)
Citrus County$22,890.47 Winnif (hidden)292 (hidden)
Polk County$22,772.90 Jerry (hidden)474 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$22,751.49 ORNELA (hidden)788 (hidden)
Duval County$22,721.19 Armind (hidden)307 (hidden)
Orange County$22,719.12 ALUMNI (hidden)0 S (hidden)
St Lucie County$22,695.87 Dwayne (hidden)429 (hidden)
Duval County$22,653.12 Richar (hidden)164 (hidden)
Lake County$22,603.35 George (hidden)But (hidden)
Hillsborough County$22,597.41 Anthon (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$22,594.81 Bravo (hidden)480 (hidden)
Duval County$22,541.00 HENDER (hidden)136 (hidden)
Putnam County$22,534.17 TRAVIS (hidden)524 (hidden)
Marion County$22,530.73 Hugh L (hidden)115 (hidden)
Collier County$22,469.00 John (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$22,405.35 Theres (hidden)211 (hidden)
Okaloosa County$22,379.66 Wynman (hidden)623 (hidden)
Orange County$22,377.78 RAMOS (hidden)0 M (hidden)
Hillsborough County$22,371.92 Naomi (hidden)811 (hidden)
Osceola County$22,361.46 WARDLO (hidden)LAK (hidden)
Duval County$22,283.94 POWELL (hidden)333 (hidden)
Duval County$22,258.48 Michea (hidden)432 (hidden)
Duval County$22,138.01 Maxwel (hidden)762 (hidden)
Collier County$22,130.34 CHANDR (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Polk County$22,096.71 Norman (hidden)Lak (hidden)
Pinellas County$22,072.90 Garden (hidden)132 (hidden)
Brevard County$22,072.80 Victo (hidden)141 (hidden)
Escambia County$22,071.40 BOOTH (hidden)261 (hidden)
Escambia County$22,033.41 RAINES (hidden)540 (hidden)
St Lucie County$22,005.09 Jacone (hidden)386 (hidden)
Duval County$21,968.71 Earlin (hidden)174 (hidden)
Leon County$21,967.85 Janie (hidden)711 (hidden)
Escambia County$21,943.82 Thelma (hidden)330 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$21,931.40 Anders (hidden)142 (hidden)
Duval County$21,867.47 Jessie (hidden)303 (hidden)
Escambia County$21,860.73 Lawren (hidden)918 (hidden)
Orange County$21,757.44 COPPOC (hidden)490 (hidden)
Duval County$21,741.26 DEWOLF (hidden)131 (hidden)
Duval County$21,688.59 Youles (hidden)N G (hidden)
Hillsborough County$21,645.78 Virgin (hidden)881 (hidden)
Flagler County$21,628.30 George (hidden)3 E (hidden)
St Lucie County$21,595.84 Charle (hidden)140 (hidden)
St Lucie County$21,581.43 Noboru (hidden)191 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$21,573.19 Humber (hidden)511 (hidden)
Duval County$21,532.82 ALI WI (hidden)153 (hidden)
Bay County$21,518.65 Willi (hidden)210 (hidden)
St Lucie County$21,513.85 Wojiec (hidden)587 (hidden)
Santa Rosa County$21,474.21 Walter (hidden)849 (hidden)
Duval County$21,467.37 Henry (hidden)290 (hidden)
Broward County$21,414.50 SHAFAG (hidden)NW (hidden)
Lee County$21,376.70 COLLIN (hidden)794 (hidden)
St Lucie County$21,348.80 Henriq (hidden)408 (hidden)
Clay County$21,346.35 Johnni (hidden)170 (hidden)
Broward County$21,342.31 BERNAR (hidden)417 (hidden)
Lee County$21,275.17 D + Sa (hidden)172 (hidden)
Collier County$21,222.28 BENNET (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$21,179.17 Richar (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Escambia County$21,151.41 La Don (hidden)105 (hidden)
Polk County$21,049.95 Billy (hidden)327 (hidden)
St Lucie County$20,901.02 (Est) (hidden)181 (hidden)
Duval County$20,884.55 PARKER (hidden)704 (hidden)
Polk County$20,884.14 Lee An (hidden)7 S (hidden)
Citrus County$20,863.71 LIM LA (hidden)642 (hidden)
Flagler County$20,721.91 Carrib (hidden)Vac (hidden)
St Lucie County$20,720.49 Jeanne (hidden)108 (hidden)
Okaloosa County$20,697.64 GREGOR (hidden)805 (hidden)
Duval County$20,691.23 Vera (hidden)55 (hidden)
Levy County$20,686.80 Jack (hidden)Vac (hidden)
St Johns County$20,646.53 K E (hidden)613 (hidden)
Duval County$20,634.82 Nickal (hidden)961 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$20,604.81 Audrey (hidden)390 (hidden)
St Lucie County$20,585.95 Hazel (hidden)575 (hidden)
Lake County$20,447.35 Jason (hidden)140 (hidden)
Lee County$20,369.31 Lydia (hidden)452 (hidden)
Polk County$20,352.20 Beltra (hidden)Hig (hidden)
Martin County$20,336.44 WICKER (hidden)278 (hidden)
Osceola County$20,332.63 Invest (hidden)Eas (hidden)
Duval County$20,301.74 TAYLOR (hidden)773 (hidden)
Lee County$20,273.12 Robert (hidden)376 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$20,257.80 Rose L (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Lee County$20,234.99 Gayl + (hidden)203 (hidden)
Indian River County$20,191.79 Dilett (hidden)108 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$20,178.75 Carl (hidden)191 (hidden)
Orange County$20,055.34 ORTALI (hidden)0 N (hidden)
Charlotte County$20,054.98 GOLD B (hidden)853 (hidden)
Duval County$19,942.58 Claude (hidden)147 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$19,922.92 Nathan (hidden)240 (hidden)
Duval County$19,914.91 MURRAY (hidden)467 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$19,905.61 Mirna (hidden)651 (hidden)
St Lucie County$19,833.40 Ilce (hidden)470 (hidden)
Duval County$19,802.86 Mickle (hidden)Lew (hidden)
Palm Beach County$19,773.98 Candyc (hidden)95 (hidden)
St Lucie County$19,701.88 Yoko (hidden)287 (hidden)
Collier County$19,689.39 Harry (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Polk County$19,504.73 Victor (hidden)231 (hidden)
Volusia County$19,472.82 YOUNG (hidden)212 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$19,368.01 Gerard (hidden)852 (hidden)
Lee County$19,364.04 HORN V (hidden)230 (hidden)
Duval County$19,334.64 Christ (hidden)161 (hidden)
Pinellas County$19,305.93 John (hidden)925 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$19,174.57 Lynn (hidden)141 (hidden)
Polk County$19,161.08 Harry (hidden)Hig (hidden)
Leon County$19,142.61 DIXON (hidden)834 (hidden)
Escambia County$19,139.00 Lee (hidden)108 (hidden)
Manatee County$19,122.99 Jason (hidden)306 (hidden)
St Lucie County$19,122.16 Emmanu (hidden)184 (hidden)
St Lucie County$19,115.44 Yoko (hidden)113 (hidden)
Duval County$19,063.11 CATAHO (hidden)HEC (hidden)
Duval County$19,008.35 Willia (hidden)135 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$18,961.16 Denise (hidden)216 (hidden)
Lake County$18,936.72 Rita I (hidden)272 (hidden)
St Lucie County$18,851.25 Maisou (hidden)493 (hidden)
Orange County$18,682.78 ALUMNI (hidden)0 S (hidden)
St Lucie County$18,656.32 (Est) (hidden)251 (hidden)
Broward County$18,552.51 Cliffo (hidden)230 (hidden)
Manatee County$18,519.54 FARADA (hidden)909 (hidden)
Putnam County$18,457.69 Patric (hidden)116 (hidden)
Osceola County$18,453.95 AMERIC (hidden)S R (hidden)
Polk County$18,396.34 Robert (hidden)274 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$18,363.31 Freddy (hidden)999 (hidden)
Polk County$18,335.90 Khatij (hidden)725 (hidden)
Collier County$18,309.62 LANCOS (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Escambia County$18,279.96 Lynda (hidden)70 (hidden)
Okaloosa County$18,239.53 Mark & (hidden)551 (hidden)
Collier County$18,181.90 Willi (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Lake County$18,178.29 DEER I (hidden)ISL (hidden)
Duval County$18,164.61 5T WEA (hidden)912 (hidden)
Polk County$18,135.09 Julien (hidden)825 (hidden)
Duval County$18,128.65 THOMAS (hidden)451 (hidden)
St Lucie County$18,088.79 Sebast (hidden)140 (hidden)
Collier County$18,025.43 B. CLA (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Lee County$18,018.47 Michel (hidden)244 (hidden)
Duval County$17,977.52 Babatu (hidden)608 (hidden)
Duval County$17,912.93 Richar (hidden)285 (hidden)
St Lucie County$17,839.14 John H (hidden)170 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$17,795.40 Brian (hidden)701 (hidden)
Duval County$17,785.90 WASHIN (hidden)185 (hidden)
Leon County$17,731.80 DICKSO (hidden)0 W (hidden)
Duval County$17,730.54 Angela (hidden)243 (hidden)
Polk County$17,721.21 Ignaci (hidden)857 (hidden)
Lee County$17,686.76 SAUTER (hidden)252 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$17,663.24 Willie (hidden)171 (hidden)
Polk County$17,657.48 Sophie (hidden)703 (hidden)
Duval County$17,655.69 JACKSO (hidden)193 (hidden)
Highlands County$17,648.98 Frankl (hidden)174 (hidden)
Escambia County$17,573.19 Lillie (hidden)218 (hidden)
Duval County$17,510.22 Leon R (hidden)Biz (hidden)
Duval County$17,474.67 Lucy E (hidden)142 (hidden)
Lee County$17,471.00 Alexan (hidden)939 (hidden)
Marion County$17,403.43 Marie (hidden)893 (hidden)
Duval County$17,398.73 Michae (hidden)907 (hidden)
Duval County$17,323.26 Trust (hidden)602 (hidden)
Polk County$17,273.64 Lana F (hidden)Rit (hidden)
Duval County$17,246.43 PICKET (hidden)574 (hidden)
Polk County$17,240.15 Efrain (hidden)Hig (hidden)
Santa Rosa County$17,213.39 RIZZO (hidden)224 (hidden)
Duval County$17,207.95 Rodell (hidden)189 (hidden)
Duval County$17,191.91 Fedor (hidden)181 (hidden)
St Lucie County$17,090.33 Andy (hidden)991 (hidden)
Polk County$17,083.46 Pedro (hidden)Hig (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$17,069.42 Gonzal (hidden)480 (hidden)
Duval County$17,057.76 Ann D (hidden)346 (hidden)
Duval County$17,040.32 KNIGHT (hidden)216 (hidden)
Orange County$17,035.07 SHIN S (hidden)203 (hidden)
Duval County$16,956.65 JOHNSO (hidden)143 (hidden)
St Lucie County$16,886.16 Paramo (hidden)647 (hidden)
Flagler County$16,867.39 Vigil (hidden)24 (hidden)
Polk County$16,771.14 Leroy (hidden)125 (hidden)
St Lucie County$16,729.10 Pushpa (hidden)574 (hidden)
Duval County$16,687.43 CHISOL (hidden)114 (hidden)
Lake County$16,668.46 Ronald (hidden)424 (hidden)
Citrus County$16,652.41 Charle (hidden)210 (hidden)
Duval County$16,624.33 Gordon (hidden)303 (hidden)
Hernando County$16,573.20 Solomo (hidden)121 (hidden)
Bay County$16,528.88 Roscoe (hidden)318 (hidden)
Clay County$16,525.82 Raymon (hidden)463 (hidden)
Flagler County$16,490.06 Linda (hidden)60 (hidden)
Osceola County$16,484.53 Sola (hidden)300 (hidden)
Levy County$16,474.18 Emma A (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$16,433.26 Jessie (hidden)112 (hidden)
Flagler County$16,399.94 Bartko (hidden)40 (hidden)
Lee County$16,338.41 Grace (hidden)771 (hidden)
Collier County$16,320.25 DALY, (hidden)Vac (hidden)
St Lucie County$16,301.68 Wallac (hidden)419 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$16,283.98 Thomas (hidden)496 (hidden)
Duval County$16,271.18 Aurea (hidden)767 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$16,235.46 Nora (hidden)111 (hidden)
Lee County$16,234.97 WASHIN (hidden)232 (hidden)
Leon County$16,205.46 Adele (hidden)161 (hidden)
Duval County$16,147.46 Arlace (hidden)443 (hidden)
Bay County$16,132.22 BOERSM (hidden)127 (hidden)
Putnam County$16,117.55 Carlil (hidden)234 (hidden)
Polk County$16,081.92 COOTE (hidden)200 (hidden)
Pinellas County$16,032.62 Samue (hidden)505 (hidden)
Citrus County$16,001.52 John W (hidden)422 (hidden)
Indian River County$15,995.17 Monty (hidden)705 (hidden)
St Lucie County$15,968.33 Andy (hidden)981 (hidden)
Flagler County$15,967.85 Sophia (hidden)41 (hidden)
Citrus County$15,962.00 Audrey (hidden)137 (hidden)
Brevard County$15,920.36 Mamie (hidden)233 (hidden)
Hernando County$15,902.16 Thoma (hidden)315 (hidden)
Citrus County$15,862.40 Nadeen (hidden)545 (hidden)
Clay County$15,795.27 Shon & (hidden)Eas (hidden)
Hillsborough County$15,777.76 Pedro (hidden)185 (hidden)
Duval County$15,686.79 Arteli (hidden)207 (hidden)
Santa Rosa County$15,629.27 Hagy L (hidden)268 (hidden)
Polk County$15,624.14 Jorge (hidden)Hig (hidden)
Duval County$15,570.55 ADESIJ (hidden)210 (hidden)
Lake County$15,542.57 George (hidden)120 (hidden)
Leon County$15,514.78 Sharon (hidden)252 (hidden)
Citrus County$15,470.39 Mark (hidden)747 (hidden)
St Lucie County$15,462.83 (Est) (hidden)262 (hidden)
Lee County$15,457.97 Evelyn (hidden)161 (hidden)
Duval County$15,453.07 Ruby M (hidden)177 (hidden)
Pinellas County$15,433.53 Chuck (hidden)501 (hidden)
Polk County$15,399.72 Robert (hidden)32 (hidden)
Lee County$15,369.36 UNKNOW (hidden)125 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$15,359.17 BURLIN (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$15,291.35 Susie (hidden)148 (hidden)
Polk County$15,221.39 Harry (hidden)292 (hidden)
Orange County$15,194.80 ALUMNI (hidden)0 N (hidden)
Brevard County$15,113.32 Richa (hidden)220 (hidden)
Polk County$15,106.10 Luis P (hidden)Hig (hidden)
Citrus County$15,105.40 Doris (hidden)780 (hidden)
Santa Rosa County$15,100.57 COWAN (hidden)942 (hidden)
Santa Rosa County$15,062.87 STOKES (hidden)106 (hidden)
St Lucie County$15,054.85 Rubin (hidden)429 (hidden)
Duval County$15,028.69 Walter (hidden)338 (hidden)
Duval County$15,014.47 BYRD B (hidden)920 (hidden)
Leon County$14,980.02 Melind (hidden)659 (hidden)
Duval County$14,920.98 Nazani (hidden)The (hidden)
Lee County$14,844.01 Jacque (hidden)100 (hidden)
Duval County$14,801.13 BRANCO (hidden)155 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$14,795.56 Lynnet (hidden)20 (hidden)
Duval County$14,770.82 Land T (hidden)215 (hidden)
Duval County$14,726.57 Majest (hidden)452 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$14,714.21 Mesa B (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Polk County$14,688.29 Jean R (hidden)214 (hidden)
Levy County$14,676.73 Allen (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$14,667.39 Perkin (hidden)103 (hidden)
Collier County$14,608.13 WILLIA (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Hernando County$14,590.41 Joaqui (hidden)Ral (hidden)
St Lucie County$14,495.71 Ollie (hidden)464 (hidden)
Citrus County$14,485.72 Steven (hidden)728 (hidden)
Duval County$14,476.81 5542 M (hidden)554 (hidden)
Duval County$14,469.30 Louis (hidden)302 (hidden)
Lake County$14,449.16 Virgin (hidden)425 (hidden)
Broward County$14,401.28 Apryl (hidden)Nw (hidden)
Duval County$14,349.71 Valari (hidden)182 (hidden)
Broward County$14,339.72 RECONO (hidden)NE (hidden)
Lee County$14,337.45 PIERCE (hidden)345 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$14,299.59 WELCH (hidden)450 (hidden)
Lee County$14,254.39 ALFRED (hidden)837 (hidden)
Polk County$14,254.18 Jean R (hidden)201 (hidden)
Hernando County$14,248.94 Barbar (hidden)143 (hidden)
St Lucie County$14,242.69 Rodney (hidden)158 (hidden)
Brevard County$14,198.84 Rafae (hidden)Unk (hidden)
St Lucie County$14,192.51 Grotte (hidden)244 (hidden)
Duval County$14,187.59 Mary E (hidden)746 (hidden)
Martin County$14,185.03 WIESEM (hidden)273 (hidden)
Polk County$14,172.71 Jean R (hidden)214 (hidden)
Lee County$14,090.35 Gabrie (hidden)235 (hidden)
Putnam County$14,025.62 Delore (hidden)849 (hidden)
Duval County$14,019.61 Ronald (hidden)320 (hidden)
Polk County$13,995.97 Ronald (hidden)715 (hidden)
St Lucie County$13,967.02 Willia (hidden)216 (hidden)
Leon County$13,956.26 James (hidden)129 (hidden)
Polk County$13,947.42 Queen (hidden)219 (hidden)
Clay County$13,901.54 Helen (hidden)224 (hidden)
Polk County$13,837.55 Janice (hidden)211 (hidden)
Pinellas County$13,826.79 Richa (hidden)706 (hidden)
Putnam County$13,767.24 ODELL (hidden)271 (hidden)
Polk County$13,754.47 NEVARE (hidden)ADA (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$13,691.42 George (hidden)857 (hidden)
Polk County$13,689.16 Mei Yu (hidden)Wil (hidden)
St Lucie County$13,684.37 Hani M (hidden)444 (hidden)
Lake County$13,682.12 Isaac (hidden)281 (hidden)
Escambia County$13,639.77 Angela (hidden)304 (hidden)
Escambia County$13,613.05 Lawren (hidden)450 (hidden)
Citrus County$13,604.01 Dennis (hidden)641 (hidden)
Volusia County$13,599.34 THIBOD (hidden)373 (hidden)
Volusia County$13,502.34 BUDHU (hidden)301 (hidden)
Polk County$13,441.66 Jimmy (hidden)10 (hidden)
St Lucie County$13,425.91 Mickey (hidden)115 (hidden)
Manatee County$13,412.35 SHOEMA (hidden)110 (hidden)
Duval County$13,378.96 Charle (hidden)221 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$13,369.06 DARREL (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$13,369.05 LITTLE (hidden)637 (hidden)
Duval County$13,314.58 Lillie (hidden)264 (hidden)
Pinellas County$13,274.63 James (hidden)18T (hidden)
Walton County$13,244.19 Sarah (hidden)369 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$13,232.17 Sandra (hidden)111 (hidden)
Charlotte County$13,196.18 Victor (hidden)239 (hidden)
Duval County$13,149.43 Bobbie (hidden)117 (hidden)
Volusia County$13,108.82 ROLLE (hidden)430 (hidden)
Duval County$13,089.69 J DIOR (hidden)896 (hidden)
Broward County$13,081.01 Gwendo (hidden)711 (hidden)
Duval County$13,051.25 JACKSO (hidden)823 (hidden)
Leon County$13,049.17 David (hidden)240 (hidden)
Leon County$13,047.94 THOMAS (hidden)150 (hidden)
Clay County$13,044.06 Gary (hidden)428 (hidden)
Collier County$13,024.07 Isobe (hidden)245 (hidden)
St Lucie County$12,993.90 Flora (hidden)490 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$12,993.52 MICROS (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$12,969.94 RIGBY (hidden)203 (hidden)
Orange County$12,967.45 Willie (hidden)453 (hidden)
Polk County$12,889.03 Hsing (hidden)102 (hidden)
Polk County$12,889.03 Chen F (hidden)104 (hidden)
Polk County$12,888.25 Willia (hidden)112 (hidden)
Polk County$12,859.58 Theres (hidden)265 (hidden)
Polk County$12,829.98 John (hidden)210 (hidden)
Polk County$12,815.01 HORIZO (hidden)121 (hidden)
Duval County$12,812.77 Joanne (hidden)921 (hidden)
Bay County$12,806.98 Ruby (hidden)713 (hidden)
Polk County$12,790.53 Jean R (hidden)165 (hidden)
Polk County$12,771.63 Judith (hidden)334 (hidden)
Polk County$12,741.52 Nichol (hidden)311 (hidden)
Citrus County$12,691.78 Rae M (hidden)563 (hidden)
Flagler County$12,648.17 Janis (hidden)40 (hidden)
Duval County$12,613.38 Hector (hidden)123 (hidden)
Citrus County$12,604.35 John A (hidden)141 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$12,569.77 ROBINA (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$12,549.01 Betty (hidden)191 (hidden)
Polk County$12,538.25 Joel (hidden)117 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$12,537.04 Karl A (hidden)131 (hidden)
Duval County$12,506.97 REBTAX (hidden)103 (hidden)
Citrus County$12,495.74 Wees H (hidden)856 (hidden)
Escambia County$12,475.45 Wanda (hidden)354 (hidden)
Polk County$12,447.72 Joel (hidden)Tul (hidden)
Duval County$12,438.45 Robert (hidden)193 (hidden)
Polk County$12,402.77 Susan (hidden)Hya (hidden)
Polk County$12,385.27 Robert (hidden)177 (hidden)
Orange County$12,323.37 Gary D (hidden)163 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$12,314.97 Ralph (hidden)180 (hidden)
Polk County$12,287.51 Jean R (hidden)256 (hidden)
Polk County$12,286.77 Victor (hidden)361 (hidden)
Polk County$12,204.61 Marion (hidden)Vio (hidden)
Citrus County$12,175.25 Willia (hidden)566 (hidden)
Polk County$12,140.32 Victor (hidden)Tul (hidden)
Duval County$12,134.11 Essie (hidden)148 (hidden)
Okeechobee County$12,110.52 Gerald (hidden)204 (hidden)
Brevard County$12,086.07 Kevan (hidden)351 (hidden)
Polk County$12,085.27 Robert (hidden)173 (hidden)
Duval County$12,069.75 Christ (hidden)Gri (hidden)
Charlotte County$12,064.56 Edward (hidden)132 (hidden)
Polk County$12,016.63 Cecili (hidden)632 (hidden)
Polk County$12,007.80 Luis (hidden)30 (hidden)
Leon County$11,999.16 Thomas (hidden)657 (hidden)
Levy County$11,997.10 Caroly (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Manatee County$11,974.09 Alfre (hidden)170 (hidden)
Duval County$11,942.70 Mildre (hidden)265 (hidden)
Brevard County$11,939.65 Desir (hidden)404 (hidden)
Citrus County$11,936.28 George (hidden)476 (hidden)
Polk County$11,933.33 Guan Y (hidden)101 (hidden)
Duval County$11,906.82 David (hidden)872 (hidden)
Escambia County$11,899.22 Lou R (hidden)574 (hidden)
Polk County$11,898.67 Juan R (hidden)Wil (hidden)
Santa Rosa County$11,876.76 DAVIDS (hidden)673 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$11,874.99 Pf Sa (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Polk County$11,863.99 Robert (hidden)274 (hidden)
Lee County$11,861.23 Ayse S (hidden)805 (hidden)
Polk County$11,856.25 Henry (hidden)106 (hidden)
Bay County$11,823.09 Musgro (hidden)507 (hidden)
Orange County$11,820.12 TARPON (hidden)0 (hidden)
Polk County$11,787.76 Suaad (hidden)567 (hidden)
Polk County$11,782.10 Jean R (hidden)254 (hidden)
Lee County$11,772.30 Medica (hidden)528 (hidden)
Orange County$11,758.09 Lavern (hidden)85 (hidden)
Orange County$11,730.65 Miller (hidden)0 E (hidden)
St Lucie County$11,722.09 Ursula (hidden)666 (hidden)
Duval County$11,689.86 Anna B (hidden)134 (hidden)
Osceola County$11,689.46 Wu Ye (hidden)Gar (hidden)
Orange County$11,662.67 RONSIS (hidden)270 (hidden)
Osceola County$11,640.26 Glenn (hidden)Che (hidden)
Escambia County$11,609.31 Rodney (hidden)100 (hidden)
Polk County$11,608.96 BURNIC (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Walton County$11,597.56 Willia (hidden)182 (hidden)
Clay County$11,597.30 Emily (hidden)554 (hidden)
Duval County$11,571.84 STEPTO (hidden)870 (hidden)
Polk County$11,561.91 Hsueh (hidden)224 (hidden)
Putnam County$11,526.68 Cheryl (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Polk County$11,517.19 Li Hwa (hidden)Swe (hidden)
Polk County$11,503.80 Tsing (hidden)251 (hidden)
Polk County$11,489.36 Mansou (hidden)141 (hidden)
Martin County$11,468.87 WISMAN (hidden)111 (hidden)
St Lucie County$11,461.83 Heathe (hidden)280 (hidden)
Polk County$11,445.42 Kathle (hidden)109 (hidden)
Lake County$11,430.83 Edward (hidden)448 (hidden)
Duval County$11,417.38 ARNOLD (hidden)106 (hidden)
St Johns County$11,403.59 Johnni (hidden)879 (hidden)
Polk County$11,380.68 Jean R (hidden)230 (hidden)
Polk County$11,380.03 Earl E (hidden)274 (hidden)
Santa Rosa County$11,354.46 Rodney (hidden)250 (hidden)
Escambia County$11,337.88 Vernon (hidden)771 (hidden)
Volusia County$11,284.68 FERNAN (hidden)167 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$11,284.10 Mattie (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$11,252.04 Diana (hidden)111 (hidden)
Orange County$11,251.63 940 LL (hidden)940 (hidden)
Duval County$11,249.87 Leslie (hidden)816 (hidden)
Escambia County$11,225.05 Cynthi (hidden)209 (hidden)
Polk County$11,182.10 Jean R (hidden)266 (hidden)
Polk County$11,180.05 FERGUS (hidden)238 (hidden)
Volusia County$11,166.90 DAMICO (hidden)WIL (hidden)
Duval County$11,115.04 Christ (hidden)932 (hidden)
Duval County$11,101.03 PM JAC (hidden)189 (hidden)
Polk County$11,046.57 Erlind (hidden)Jam (hidden)
Volusia County$10,986.33 HENSLE (hidden)54 (hidden)
Osceola County$10,973.77 Greg (hidden)532 (hidden)
Collier County$10,951.26 Eliza (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Santa Rosa County$10,949.19 BROWN (hidden)399 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$10,915.82 Boyd (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$10,909.02 Latony (hidden)112 (hidden)
Citrus County$10,900.89 David (hidden)574 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$10,884.71 Pf Sa (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Pinellas County$10,876.35 Linda (hidden)Pen (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$10,872.99 Mary (hidden)687 (hidden)
Volusia County$10,851.63 PRAXMA (hidden)264 (hidden)
Polk County$10,847.75 San Ta (hidden)175 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$10,836.40 METRO (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Lake County$10,802.32 John P (hidden)329 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$10,801.47 Boyd (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$10,801.47 Boyd (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$10,763.29 Kennet (hidden)234 (hidden)
Manatee County$10,739.26 Fabia (hidden)560 (hidden)
Polk County$10,725.26 Willia (hidden)235 (hidden)
Brevard County$10,722.39 Wade (hidden)172 (hidden)
Polk County$10,707.85 Leroy (hidden)109 (hidden)
Putnam County$10,706.89 Wanda (hidden)111 (hidden)
Polk County$10,695.49 Hsueh (hidden)226 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$10,689.13 Kaua (hidden)185 (hidden)
Duval County$10,673.95 Jose A (hidden)582 (hidden)
Polk County$10,668.58 Morgan (hidden)Hib (hidden)
Duval County$10,656.53 Sara E (hidden)135 (hidden)
Duval County$10,638.80 David (hidden)472 (hidden)
Polk County$10,606.89 SMITH (hidden)350 (hidden)
Lee County$10,598.89 Ruby W (hidden)230 (hidden)
Lake County$10,559.47 Clovis (hidden)Thy (hidden)
Volusia County$10,517.26 HORN V (hidden)DET (hidden)
Osceola County$10,499.35 BREVE (hidden)609 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$10,484.19 Gabrie (hidden)212 (hidden)
Orange County$10,393.77 Glenn (hidden)981 (hidden)
Polk County$10,363.30 John (hidden)Fig (hidden)
Duval County$10,339.79 Doris (hidden)132 (hidden)
Leon County$10,327.98 Fredri (hidden)600 (hidden)
Duval County$10,323.07 Henry (hidden)144 (hidden)
Citrus County$10,308.57 POLAK (hidden)118 (hidden)
Bay County$10,292.49 Kim (hidden)15T (hidden)
Manatee County$10,254.57 REYES, (hidden)340 (hidden)
Duval County$10,234.73 Ella M (hidden)155 (hidden)
Volusia County$10,227.98 PLANTA (hidden)LUC (hidden)
Collier County$10,195.66 KATZ, (hidden)720 (hidden)
Escambia County$10,187.41 Evelyn (hidden)211 (hidden)
Lake County$10,170.58 Gino & (hidden)Cas (hidden)
Putnam County$10,165.00 TRULUC (hidden)215 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$10,156.93 B F Es (hidden)260 (hidden)
Duval County$10,148.46 John E (hidden)590 (hidden)
Putnam County$10,145.27 MORGAN (hidden)203 (hidden)
Duval County$10,136.11 BELL C (hidden)523 (hidden)
Duval County$10,125.43 Land T (hidden)155 (hidden)
Brevard County$10,109.12 Richa (hidden)230 (hidden)
Duval County$10,107.78 Avery (hidden)314 (hidden)
Hernando County$10,103.01 Franz (hidden)Dag (hidden)
Collier County$10,100.21 Alton (hidden)257 (hidden)
Citrus County$10,073.04 Dolore (hidden)538 (hidden)
Leon County$10,054.45 Ranch (hidden)0 J (hidden)
Osceola County$10,012.77 PRESTI (hidden)781 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$10,000.87 Sally (hidden)892 (hidden)
Escambia County$9,998.05 Brenda (hidden)111 (hidden)
Citrus County$9,945.74 Terril (hidden)490 (hidden)
Okaloosa County$9,924.70 Lester (hidden)384 (hidden)
Leon County$9,894.65 RAULER (hidden)302 (hidden)
Lee County$9,844.29 Joyce (hidden)633 (hidden)
Levy County$9,784.43 Stephe (hidden)495 (hidden)
Duval County$9,770.98 Thelma (hidden)633 (hidden)
Citrus County$9,740.03 Donna (hidden)512 (hidden)
Walton County$9,732.24 KBOUDI (hidden)OAK (hidden)
Charlotte County$9,681.47 Franci (hidden)612 (hidden)
Marion County$9,663.27 Dorcus (hidden)No (hidden)
Duval County$9,596.05 Clifto (hidden)E 1 (hidden)
Duval County$9,572.92 Charli (hidden)122 (hidden)
Polk County$9,543.68 Raymon (hidden)438 (hidden)
Duval County$9,532.70 GRADEN (hidden)546 (hidden)
St Johns County$9,489.41 ROBERS (hidden)891 (hidden)
Citrus County$9,488.56 Bonnie (hidden)117 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$9,475.16 A Coll (hidden)276 (hidden)
Putnam County$9,454.08 REDWIN (hidden)126 (hidden)
Citrus County$9,442.42 Neil K (hidden)920 (hidden)
Putnam County$9,436.91 MANN J (hidden)151 (hidden)
Lee County$9,377.94 RAIMON (hidden)282 (hidden)
Orange County$9,369.91 Joseph (hidden)231 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$9,350.28 Gladys (hidden)350 (hidden)
Marion County$9,333.01 Rochel (hidden)788 (hidden)
Polk County$9,307.50 Ronald (hidden)Dee (hidden)
Osceola County$9,264.32 MORALE (hidden)HAR (hidden)
Duval County$9,250.90 NORFOL (hidden)933 (hidden)
Polk County$9,224.69 HICKMA (hidden)151 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$9,214.93 Juan C (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Broward County$9,208.24 Honnel (hidden)750 (hidden)
Polk County$9,174.86 Frank (hidden)152 (hidden)
Duval County$9,166.66 Carlos (hidden)140 (hidden)
Lee County$9,158.73 TARPON (hidden)272 (hidden)
Broward County$9,099.59 JOAS,Y (hidden)159 (hidden)
Duval County$9,086.60 Gary R (hidden)296 (hidden)
Lee County$9,058.73 TARPON (hidden)271 (hidden)
Lee County$9,034.13 Dolore (hidden)789 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$8,972.04 Anibal (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Polk County$8,959.69 Amparo (hidden)122 (hidden)
Orange County$8,950.55 TUCKER (hidden)300 (hidden)
Citrus County$8,943.65 Susan (hidden)450 (hidden)
Polk County$8,877.86 Hing Y (hidden)Kis (hidden)
Polk County$8,874.68 Vladim (hidden)130 (hidden)
Charlotte County$8,869.06 HOFFMA (hidden)496 (hidden)
St Lucie County$8,850.65 Marti (hidden)EAS (hidden)
St Lucie County$8,838.12 Donald (hidden)105 (hidden)
Lee County$8,811.76 W F Jr (hidden)408 (hidden)
Collier County$8,807.18 John (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$8,738.90 MICHEL (hidden)607 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$8,680.32 Gladys (hidden)251 (hidden)
Polk County$8,662.40 Ria (hidden)37 (hidden)
Charlotte County$8,661.39 Gary (hidden)292 (hidden)
Escambia County$8,645.37 Marie (hidden)872 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$8,589.77 TURTLE (hidden)Vac (hidden)
St Lucie County$8,589.69 Mohame (hidden)220 (hidden)
Duval County$8,588.34 Eugene (hidden)173 (hidden)
Hernando County$8,570.52 Jeanen (hidden)433 (hidden)
Polk County$8,569.03 Alice (hidden)212 (hidden)
Polk County$8,520.54 GIBBON (hidden)MYS (hidden)
Hernando County$8,508.62 Patric (hidden)Blu (hidden)
Lake County$8,502.13 Clovis (hidden)Ban (hidden)
Polk County$8,494.48 TROUGO (hidden)DAW (hidden)
Polk County$8,486.67 George (hidden)143 (hidden)
Lee County$8,387.81 Oscar (hidden)142 (hidden)
Lake County$8,356.08 Gang & (hidden)Sha (hidden)
Duval County$8,341.27 DANIEL (hidden)583 (hidden)
Lake County$8,301.00 Stephe (hidden)570 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$8,298.43 Robert (hidden)357 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$8,286.92 Gerald (hidden)124 (hidden)
Polk County$8,282.98 SAGESS (hidden)DAW (hidden)
Duval County$8,253.83 Land T (hidden)E U (hidden)
Polk County$8,241.81 Dalip (hidden)Hib (hidden)
Polk County$8,239.07 James (hidden)Hib (hidden)
Lee County$8,233.88 Klaus (hidden)111 (hidden)
Osceola County$8,233.57 CORREA (hidden)KIL (hidden)
Highlands County$8,198.64 GONZAL (hidden)730 (hidden)
Lee County$8,116.14 SOLER (hidden)181 (hidden)
Volusia County$8,111.39 HORN V (hidden)ORA (hidden)
Citrus County$8,087.21 Neill (hidden)329 (hidden)
Marion County$8,059.51 Cynthi (hidden)No (hidden)
Hillsborough County$8,039.99 Richar (hidden)270 (hidden)
Polk County$8,020.62 Charma (hidden)120 (hidden)
Duval County$8,020.38 Dora M (hidden)528 (hidden)
Hernando County$8,018.89 Timoth (hidden)Fri (hidden)
St Lucie County$8,018.66 Jimmie (hidden)303 (hidden)
St Lucie County$8,012.34 Maude (hidden)513 (hidden)
Duval County$8,010.08 Albert (hidden)179 (hidden)
Marion County$7,997.20 David (hidden)No (hidden)
Pinellas County$7,992.43 Louis (hidden)182 (hidden)
Osceola County$7,984.41 TRUST (hidden)OYS (hidden)
St Lucie County$7,958.20 Ryland (hidden)206 (hidden)
Lee County$7,952.88 Ventur (hidden)712 (hidden)
Brevard County$7,945.15 Eric (hidden)331 (hidden)
Marion County$7,942.31 Cecil (hidden)No (hidden)
Duval County$7,933.01 WASHIN (hidden)185 (hidden)
Lee County$7,890.18 Adrian (hidden)100 (hidden)
Orange County$7,888.50 ALUMNI (hidden)0 S (hidden)
St Lucie County$7,878.83 (Est) (hidden)265 (hidden)
Putnam County$7,866.77 France (hidden)231 (hidden)
Duval County$7,850.65 Freddi (hidden)201 (hidden)
Clay County$7,805.36 Lori L (hidden)580 (hidden)
Bay County$7,804.03 Micha (hidden)111 (hidden)
Escambia County$7,792.24 Ronald (hidden)221 (hidden)
Levy County$7,786.92 Martin (hidden)236 (hidden)
Hernando County$7,783.41 Torre (hidden)Hum (hidden)
Duval County$7,780.47 GOODMA (hidden)807 (hidden)
Santa Rosa County$7,774.73 HOBBS (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Brevard County$7,770.11 Zolta (hidden)Unk (hidden)
Hillsborough County$7,761.99 John C (hidden)172 (hidden)
Brevard County$7,753.10 Steve (hidden)380 (hidden)
Walton County$7,737.75 Daniel (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Polk County$7,737.53 RADIX (hidden)709 (hidden)
Escambia County$7,731.21 Carl R (hidden)26 (hidden)
Duval County$7,697.98 Gwendo (hidden)215 (hidden)
Collier County$7,687.05 Linda (hidden)138 (hidden)
Citrus County$7,668.28 Ruth F (hidden)415 (hidden)
Clay County$7,646.05 Roscoe (hidden)482 (hidden)
Polk County$7,629.34 Michae (hidden)Red (hidden)
Walton County$7,618.53 Charle (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Leon County$7,610.77 STACEY (hidden)780 (hidden)
Charlotte County$7,600.04 Floren (hidden)12 (hidden)
Lake County$7,592.99 Seeroj (hidden)Chi (hidden)
Volusia County$7,585.05 COLVIN (hidden)134 (hidden)
Flagler County$7,574.35 Janice (hidden)44 (hidden)
Charlotte County$7,567.80 Ruth J (hidden)845 (hidden)
Polk County$7,553.70 Dessie (hidden)Ave (hidden)
Marion County$7,520.68 James (hidden)911 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$7,506.85 W H (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Polk County$7,502.23 Proper (hidden)301 (hidden)
Bay County$7,441.33 ADAMS, (hidden)RES (hidden)
Levy County$7,412.78 Steven (hidden)53 (hidden)
Charlotte County$7,407.92 Gregor (hidden)223 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$7,390.85 Emilia (hidden)212 (hidden)
Orange County$7,381.66 SNAPP (hidden)0 T (hidden)
Citrus County$7,360.84 IZQUIE (hidden)20 (hidden)
Brevard County$7,358.75 Pearl (hidden)411 (hidden)
Putnam County$7,348.89 John + (hidden)111 (hidden)
Clay County$7,348.68 Donald (hidden)442 (hidden)
Escambia County$7,331.10 Hester (hidden)490 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$7,313.89 Jorge (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Lee County$7,306.49 Kee-Ko (hidden)621 (hidden)
Duval County$7,273.35 Clara (hidden)106 (hidden)
Duval County$7,272.45 Louise (hidden)146 (hidden)
St Johns County$7,264.01 Collee (hidden)900 (hidden)
Marion County$7,224.77 Sergio (hidden)No (hidden)
Duval County$7,217.21 Carlto (hidden)970 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$7,214.22 Nelda (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$7,204.28 VENUS (hidden)495 (hidden)
Duval County$7,202.22 James (hidden)363 (hidden)
Bay County$7,182.23 Secret (hidden)202 (hidden)
Pinellas County$7,176.58 Joshu (hidden)182 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$7,171.41 ROYAL (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Osceola County$7,156.89 Stella (hidden)316 (hidden)
Lee County$7,151.99 SERRAN (hidden)221 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$7,128.93 Jo Ann (hidden)502 (hidden)
Polk County$7,117.92 Thomas (hidden)614 (hidden)
Polk County$7,114.80 Brando (hidden)601 (hidden)
Brevard County$7,094.90 BRYAN, (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Leon County$7,072.75 John S (hidden)102 (hidden)
Polk County$7,070.73 Husam (hidden)121 (hidden)
Collier County$7,057.25 BANONI (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$7,049.31 Juan P (hidden)330 (hidden)
Collier County$6,985.65 LOPEZ, (hidden)436 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$6,942.03 Stephe (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Hillsborough County$6,941.30 Charle (hidden)320 (hidden)
Duval County$6,939.19 KOEHLE (hidden)714 (hidden)
Polk County$6,904.24 HARTFE (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Martin County$6,903.67 WILLIA (hidden)908 (hidden)
Bay County$6,883.60 Glen (hidden)711 (hidden)
Okeechobee County$6,876.03 James (hidden)309 (hidden)
Polk County$6,860.00 John A (hidden)6Th (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$6,853.52 Jose R (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Brevard County$6,840.58 Stuar (hidden)685 (hidden)
Citrus County$6,807.71 DONAHU (hidden)562 (hidden)
Lee County$6,795.14 Jacob (hidden)741 (hidden)
Pinellas County$6,788.72 Rober (hidden)12T (hidden)
Duval County$6,778.58 W T D (hidden)280 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$6,770.74 Annie (hidden)108 (hidden)
Polk County$6,757.04 SOLA J (hidden)COM (hidden)
Duval County$6,747.97 Kevin (hidden)252 (hidden)
St Johns County$6,745.25 BICKNE (hidden)STU (hidden)
Volusia County$6,732.49 TARPON (hidden)LIM (hidden)
Brevard County$6,721.51 Dale (hidden)100 (hidden)
Hernando County$6,719.42 Sandra (hidden)102 (hidden)
Duval County$6,713.26 CRISWE (hidden)411 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$6,709.57 ATHION (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Brevard County$6,703.82 Ray A (hidden)345 (hidden)
Citrus County$6,699.88 Lori L (hidden)630 (hidden)
Brevard County$6,651.64 John (hidden)Unk (hidden)
Duval County$6,646.07 Shanna (hidden)901 (hidden)
Lee County$6,638.36 B L + (hidden)251 (hidden)
Brevard County$6,612.73 Samue (hidden)285 (hidden)
Marion County$6,602.49 Timoth (hidden)109 (hidden)
Bay County$6,596.82 Micha (hidden)401 (hidden)
Charlotte County$6,588.61 COMBS (hidden)742 (hidden)
Lake County$6,570.48 Kennet (hidden)Daf (hidden)
Duval County$6,564.21 PANAMA (hidden)165 (hidden)
Brevard County$6,560.25 Kenne (hidden)417 (hidden)
St Lucie County$6,552.36 Terry (hidden)101 (hidden)
Broward County$6,549.73 JOAS,Y (hidden)159 (hidden)
Volusia County$6,548.61 CIRIOT (hidden)N S (hidden)
Lee County$6,545.66 OSBORN (hidden)221 (hidden)
Polk County$6,540.06 Mary L (hidden)140 (hidden)
Duval County$6,528.26 Ruby S (hidden)162 (hidden)
Putnam County$6,481.30 Arthur (hidden)203 (hidden)
Osceola County$6,470.54 Lee G (hidden)Har (hidden)
Lee County$6,466.25 Joseph (hidden)324 (hidden)
Hernando County$6,457.57 Luis G (hidden)Lar (hidden)
Polk County$6,410.41 Adelia (hidden)Kis (hidden)
Bay County$6,356.90 Lilli (hidden)681 (hidden)
Charlotte County$6,353.09 Surbhi (hidden)107 (hidden)
Brevard County$6,328.10 Meta (hidden)717 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$6,326.72 Henley (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Palm Beach County$6,316.65 Edward (hidden)400 (hidden)
Brevard County$6,296.82 Samue (hidden)285 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$6,294.49 VERONA (hidden)300 (hidden)
Brevard County$6,266.64 Otoni (hidden)312 (hidden)
Hernando County$6,260.23 BULA M (hidden)BRE (hidden)
Polk County$6,254.03 Omerge (hidden)Old (hidden)
Lake County$6,244.93 Robert (hidden)319 (hidden)
Levy County$6,200.84 Two By (hidden)105 (hidden)
Citrus County$6,199.22 Anita (hidden)427 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$6,189.34 Carlos (hidden)205 (hidden)
Osceola County$6,176.43 Bradle (hidden)12T (hidden)
Lee County$6,175.43 Stephe (hidden)222 (hidden)
Polk County$6,170.82 Yousef (hidden)121 (hidden)
Collier County$6,168.58 D W (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$6,159.85 Brenda (hidden)140 (hidden)
Polk County$6,099.65 Andrew (hidden)Swe (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$6,091.03 JOSE A (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Polk County$6,089.08 Theres (hidden)Med (hidden)
Lee County$6,085.66 Julio (hidden)162 (hidden)
Pinellas County$6,084.67 Kimbe (hidden)183 (hidden)
Lee County$6,078.77 ODONNE (hidden)135 (hidden)
Citrus County$6,061.60 DYER D (hidden)631 (hidden)
Polk County$6,057.27 ZHAO K (hidden)992 (hidden)
Lee County$6,039.46 Gisele (hidden)617 (hidden)
Polk County$6,038.05 Hussai (hidden)425 (hidden)
Brevard County$6,031.20 Richa (hidden)198 (hidden)
Okeechobee County$6,027.98 Jason (hidden)192 (hidden)
Citrus County$6,027.25 Jessie (hidden)6 M (hidden)
Polk County$5,978.88 TYLER (hidden)STA (hidden)
Polk County$5,912.28 SALINA (hidden)230 (hidden)
Duval County$5,843.26 HARMON (hidden)223 (hidden)
Orange County$5,810.50 GRENTZ (hidden)455 (hidden)
Hernando County$5,773.11 RICCAR (hidden)ROC (hidden)
Lee County$5,744.95 Traudi (hidden)160 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$5,703.88 Searig (hidden)301 (hidden)
Lake County$5,673.56 Abraha (hidden)Lig (hidden)
Highlands County$5,664.94 Scott (hidden)521 (hidden)
Lee County$5,653.98 Edgar (hidden)120 (hidden)
Duval County$5,651.85 CHEAP (hidden)E 1 (hidden)
Lee County$5,643.54 ORENGO (hidden)826 (hidden)
Putnam County$5,643.47 BOHORQ (hidden)120 (hidden)
Citrus County$5,641.37 Eugene (hidden)263 (hidden)
Palm Beach County$5,519.09 CENTER (hidden)52 (hidden)
Duval County$5,469.43 ZITZKE (hidden)223 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$5,467.39 Nickey (hidden)271 (hidden)
Citrus County$5,456.01 Joseph (hidden)114 (hidden)
Volusia County$5,432.54 HAWKIN (hidden)EAS (hidden)
Lee County$5,429.97 Mary (hidden)10 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$5,417.48 THE TE (hidden)108 (hidden)
Lee County$5,385.74 Hanspe (hidden)340 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$5,350.04 FRANCE (hidden)715 (hidden)
Orange County$5,318.67 SOTE A (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Marion County$5,306.55 LOMINI (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Bay County$5,303.78 Niver, (hidden)114 (hidden)
Marion County$5,300.41 Salvat (hidden)653 (hidden)
Bay County$5,268.91 Gainer (hidden)804 (hidden)
Polk County$5,256.17 CARTER (hidden)SAN (hidden)
Lake County$5,222.87 Theres (hidden)Nor (hidden)
Charlotte County$5,202.97 Marlen (hidden)252 (hidden)
Collier County$5,202.37 ILEN E (hidden)266 (hidden)
Marion County$5,180.91 Juan C (hidden)No (hidden)
Orange County$5,163.13 BOYER (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Escambia County$5,100.29 Doroth (hidden)904 (hidden)
Charlotte County$5,048.66 CORYMB (hidden)340 (hidden)
Polk County$5,040.48 PEDERS (hidden)111 (hidden)
Polk County$5,024.03 CARTER (hidden)249 (hidden)
Polk County$5,014.23 JONES (hidden)453 (hidden)
Bay County$4,995.15 Ritter (hidden)205 (hidden)
Lee County$4,987.85 (hidden)832 (hidden)
Orange County$4,957.47 HICKMA (hidden)0 E (hidden)
Lee County$4,854.97 (hidden)831 (hidden)
Citrus County$4,818.74 PRIVAT (hidden)23 (hidden)
Levy County$4,811.03 BUSHNE (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Hernando County$4,794.49 ELTMAN (hidden)MAB (hidden)
Clay County$4,730.58 JONES (hidden)422 (hidden)
Hernando County$4,709.99 GRODIN (hidden)HER (hidden)
Polk County$4,618.78 PAYNE (hidden)912 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$4,611.81 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$4,604.76 FIVE S (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Brevard County$4,569.25 UDA, R (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Collier County$4,468.72 LANCOS (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Martin County$4,435.18 BLATCH (hidden)SE (hidden)
Collier County$4,432.01 SAUNDR (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Marion County$4,424.39 FULLER (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Lee County$4,409.31 TISSA (hidden)270 (hidden)
Collier County$4,407.17 SAUNDR (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$4,382.08 JORDAN (hidden)447 (hidden)
Polk County$4,381.60 COX MA (hidden)US (hidden)
Polk County$4,376.06 ANDERS (hidden)LIM (hidden)
Duval County$4,319.32 KOHUTH (hidden)550 (hidden)
Martin County$4,301.36 STANO (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Polk County$4,254.16 TENSLE (hidden)223 (hidden)
Lee County$4,231.04 ORENGO (hidden)830 (hidden)
Marion County$4,208.87 MCCORM (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Charlotte County$4,171.03 (hidden)320 (hidden)
Duval County$4,142.92 MUELLE (hidden)102 (hidden)
Martin County$4,046.29 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Collier County$4,022.13 LOPEZ (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Volusia County$4,007.85 LEE CA (hidden)271 (hidden)
Orange County$3,934.29 TORKEW (hidden)121 (hidden)
Collier County$3,925.29 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$3,872.40 ROBERT (hidden)100 (hidden)
Bay County$3,854.47 Blair, (hidden)190 (hidden)
Orange County$3,840.93 EDWARD (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Duval County$3,840.08 GRAHAM (hidden)135 (hidden)
Collier County$3,817.65 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Highlands County$3,805.98 BEANE (hidden)521 (hidden)
Citrus County$3,794.06 GGH 32 (hidden)698 (hidden)
Duval County$3,789.62 (hidden)413 (hidden)
Bay County$3,783.10 HALL, (hidden)706 (hidden)
Indian River County$3,777.77 REGIST (hidden)181 (hidden)
Martin County$3,775.81 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Polk County$3,773.88 COATES (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Hernando County$3,773.61 RUIZ S (hidden)POR (hidden)
St Johns County$3,764.79 MC KIN (hidden)CHR (hidden)
Indian River County$3,751.26 NARANJ (hidden)923 (hidden)
Martin County$3,732.43 POWERS (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$3,687.71 GERALD (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$3,682.50 DOUGLA (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Polk County$3,640.78 MIRAND (hidden)COM (hidden)
Lee County$3,631.04 ORENGO (hidden)834 (hidden)
Orange County$3,608.82 LICHT (hidden)0 F (hidden)
Orange County$3,607.65 LAGOLA (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Martin County$3,603.76 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Polk County$3,603.22 PANAMA (hidden)795 (hidden)
Indian River County$3,599.67 SMILEY (hidden)867 (hidden)
Martin County$3,565.00 LANE, (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Marion County$3,555.33 PUNZAL (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Polk County$3,527.56 CHANDL (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Martin County$3,518.49 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Volusia County$3,516.44 TARPON (hidden)RON (hidden)
Martin County$3,507.91 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Levy County$3,506.85 LARGE (hidden)817 (hidden)
Charlotte County$3,504.10 (hidden)264 (hidden)
Putnam County$3,498.67 Bioski (hidden)105 (hidden)
Polk County$3,492.09 (hidden)COM (hidden)
Citrus County$3,464.96 KRUWEL (hidden)495 (hidden)
Lee County$3,433.54 CLEMEN (hidden)210 (hidden)
Bay County$3,413.73 Houx, (hidden)PAT (hidden)
Duval County$3,369.46 (hidden)791 (hidden)
Lee County$3,315.43 (hidden)831 (hidden)
Leon County$3,309.70 WASHIN (hidden)114 (hidden)
Orange County$3,300.73 OLSEN (hidden)101 (hidden)
Marion County$3,276.23 FLORID (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Polk County$3,273.86 PELFRE (hidden)245 (hidden)
Polk County$3,267.02 BIRCHW (hidden)SAN (hidden)
Polk County$3,239.98 SOSA M (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Hernando County$3,221.70 (hidden)LEL (hidden)
Martin County$3,196.63 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Martin County$3,196.63 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$3,150.35 (hidden)450 (hidden)
Martin County$3,107.15 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Bay County$3,058.55 Difatt (hidden)631 (hidden)
Orange County$3,049.97 FEDERA (hidden)0 V (hidden)
Martin County$3,027.64 GOODRI (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Hernando County$3,019.37 DIAZ P (hidden)SCA (hidden)
Citrus County$2,975.31 GLENN (hidden)528 (hidden)
Hernando County$2,949.61 KHOJAH (hidden)MEL (hidden)
Hillsborough County$2,944.01 KNIGHT (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Citrus County$2,904.53 GRIFFI (hidden)332 (hidden)
Hernando County$2,887.51 KHADIV (hidden)RUF (hidden)
Hernando County$2,870.79 KHAN A (hidden)SEA (hidden)
Lee County$2,813.11 PIERCE (hidden)345 (hidden)
Marion County$2,811.99 CHIANG (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$2,805.63 PARKER (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$2,793.93 GHATTA (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Hernando County$2,771.47 HOUHOU (hidden)DRI (hidden)
Volusia County$2,744.09 MORALE (hidden)PAR (hidden)
Martin County$2,741.47 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$2,741.36 (hidden)943 (hidden)
Leon County$2,740.17 EPHRAM (hidden)978 (hidden)
Martin County$2,717.72 BROOKL (hidden)848 (hidden)
Martin County$2,668.73 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$2,635.87 REO AC (hidden)391 (hidden)
Duval County$2,630.29 COURTN (hidden)853 (hidden)
St Johns County$2,609.82 FREEMA (hidden)FRU (hidden)
Duval County$2,599.90 (hidden)W 2 (hidden)
Martin County$2,596.63 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$2,549.47 SHIPLE (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Hillsborough County$2,541.33 (hidden)341 (hidden)
Polk County$2,533.60 LAKE W (hidden)FRU (hidden)
Martin County$2,451.35 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Citrus County$2,440.69 TARPON (hidden)24 (hidden)
Orange County$2,428.03 RADCLI (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Osceola County$2,426.72 FOURTH (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Hernando County$2,418.47 HOUHOU (hidden)CAN (hidden)
Volusia County$2,383.67 RUDOLP (hidden)W W (hidden)
Duval County$2,369.00 SEASON (hidden)CAM (hidden)
Polk County$2,366.43 SESTIN (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Martin County$2,346.97 FARRON (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Marion County$2,346.58 LOUISM (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Lee County$2,343.55 (hidden)466 (hidden)
Orange County$2,333.05 NEMETH (hidden)0 E (hidden)
Orange County$2,318.22 HAYCRA (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Citrus County$2,309.66 (hidden)130 (hidden)
Orange County$2,298.68 NOVAK (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Lee County$2,292.64 (hidden)524 (hidden)
Martin County$2,283.87 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Marion County$2,278.91 MUNOZ (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Polk County$2,244.80 WARD F (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Lee County$2,235.45 (hidden)24 (hidden)
Orange County$2,224.30 BURKHO (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Citrus County$2,219.76 TARPON (hidden)41 (hidden)
Orange County$2,206.41 MAGIS (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$2,198.68 NASSO (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$2,196.22 DECKER (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Lee County$2,192.15 DK INV (hidden)191 (hidden)
Orange County$2,191.43 SULLIV (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Martin County$2,181.49 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Lee County$2,164.24 TATE M (hidden)271 (hidden)
Polk County$2,141.88 NORRIT (hidden)HWY (hidden)
Levy County$2,127.33 BUSHNE (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$2,111.94 OCEAN (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Lee County$2,110.28 MASHIT (hidden)290 (hidden)
Lee County$2,108.19 VENCEB (hidden)838 (hidden)
Hernando County$2,102.12 TARPON (hidden)MAL (hidden)
Orange County$2,100.84 FALCON (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$2,099.67 CREECH (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Hernando County$2,093.29 TARPON (hidden)GLO (hidden)
Hernando County$2,077.50 WEATHE (hidden)GRE (hidden)
Hernando County$2,067.19 ROYAL (hidden)WAT (hidden)
Polk County$2,048.23 HARTFE (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Lee County$2,015.88 LYSENK (hidden)181 (hidden)
Duval County$1,990.48 REO AC (hidden)133 (hidden)
Indian River County$1,984.05 (hidden)818 (hidden)
Lee County$1,968.43 THAMES (hidden)290 (hidden)
Orange County$1,963.10 STOCKH (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$1,960.41 HOUGH (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$1,958.95 COPPOC (hidden)490 (hidden)
Lee County$1,939.16 AMOUDI (hidden)271 (hidden)
Orange County$1,938.93 DECKER (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Lee County$1,912.52 (hidden)522 (hidden)
Marion County$1,908.53 YING S (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$1,884.21 DECKER (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Lee County$1,877.49 VERTU (hidden)415 (hidden)
Orange County$1,862.49 REYNOL (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Martin County$1,843.50 GANT R (hidden)LAK (hidden)
Marion County$1,840.40 KHAN O (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Levy County$1,839.79 KNIGHT (hidden)113 (hidden)
Marion County$1,832.70 SHAKAR (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Putnam County$1,827.83 AVANT (hidden)117 (hidden)
Marion County$1,820.87 EQUITY (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$1,807.81 PANNIT (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$1,801.37 STARK (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$1,794.66 DECKER (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$1,793.69 HUNT D (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$1,793.32 JARVIS (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$1,793.27 GALIND (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Volusia County$1,790.24 HILL & (hidden)360 (hidden)
Martin County$1,767.21 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$1,756.62 WORTH (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Hernando County$1,739.21 CASARE (hidden)EAS (hidden)
Orange County$1,735.18 KLINGM (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$1,731.43 FEDERA (hidden)0 V (hidden)
Lee County$1,731.42 MASHIT (hidden)300 (hidden)
Polk County$1,730.06 SIMPSO (hidden)FRU (hidden)
Polk County$1,720.18 NOBLES (hidden)326 (hidden)
Bay County$1,710.08 Johnso (hidden)13T (hidden)
Orange County$1,707.99 WELLS (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Martin County$1,707.07 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$1,702.55 HONDA (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$1,697.21 BIESMA (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$1,684.28 CRUSIL (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$1,682.29 SCHAFE (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Bay County$1,665.47 (hidden)240 (hidden)
Lee County$1,649.79 BROWN (hidden)706 (hidden)
Orange County$1,646.47 BANFIE (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$1,639.11 VALENT (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Hernando County$1,638.77 STANTS (hidden)SAN (hidden)
Orange County$1,638.69 SOLOMO (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$1,620.66 RODRIG (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Flagler County$1,598.71 KOLBY (hidden)172 (hidden)
Hernando County$1,590.47 HERBLE (hidden)MIS (hidden)
Broward County$1,589.34 VERANO (hidden)219 (hidden)
Orange County$1,582.71 NOVAK (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$1,580.59 DILLON (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Orange County$1,580.59 KOMURK (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Hernando County$1,576.90 (hidden)CAV (hidden)
Lee County$1,570.61 LIBERT (hidden)211 (hidden)
Marion County$1,564.79 SMITH (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$1,563.41 FRIEZE (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Polk County$1,552.10 MCLAUG (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Polk County$1,533.78 (hidden)HER (hidden)
Orange County$1,533.11 FEDERA (hidden)0 F (hidden)
Duval County$1,524.85 NEW HE (hidden)660 (hidden)
Duval County$1,515.35 (hidden)641 (hidden)
Charlotte County$1,513.05 DEANGE (hidden)231 (hidden)
Polk County$1,495.68 GOVERN (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Charlotte County$1,474.48 (hidden)941 (hidden)
Polk County$1,472.18 INMAN (hidden)US (hidden)
Citrus County$1,468.05 VERONA (hidden)681 (hidden)
Marion County$1,462.01 TRIPP (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Lee County$1,455.44 SIDWEL (hidden)ACC (hidden)
Orange County$1,455.07 COLLIN (hidden)110 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$1,435.77 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$1,435.60 RAZZAN (hidden)0 N (hidden)
Broward County$1,418.23 DENTON (hidden)NE (hidden)
Martin County$1,405.79 MCKNIG (hidden)147 (hidden)
Santa Rosa County$1,392.68 PILON (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Polk County$1,389.34 HUNICH (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Volusia County$1,387.27 (hidden)171 (hidden)
Lee County$1,383.64 MASHIT (hidden)292 (hidden)
Charlotte County$1,378.05 LATHAM (hidden)232 (hidden)
Charlotte County$1,377.01 Joseph (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Lee County$1,370.69 (hidden)330 (hidden)
Lee County$1,369.73 THAMES (hidden)290 (hidden)
Polk County$1,349.45 RICH R (hidden)HIG (hidden)
Bay County$1,321.71 REEDER (hidden)238 (hidden)
Orange County$1,316.73 MILLER (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Polk County$1,313.50 (hidden)508 (hidden)
Walton County$1,294.77 CHUBB (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Polk County$1,291.74 DOBKIN (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$1,289.37 LAKEY (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Highlands County$1,286.82 MAIS U (hidden)96 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$1,285.06 GRAY A (hidden)601 (hidden)
Charlotte County$1,280.01 (hidden)125 (hidden)
Polk County$1,274.79 TAMINO (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$1,273.73 BAY LO (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Hernando County$1,273.51 BAL RE (hidden)CAL (hidden)
Polk County$1,259.27 WILLIA (hidden)XER (hidden)
Martin County$1,254.13 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Levy County$1,245.21 MORALE (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Volusia County$1,217.65 (hidden)371 (hidden)
Polk County$1,213.93 FETERL (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Highlands County$1,209.60 (hidden)153 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$1,206.71 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Hernando County$1,205.95 PERLMA (hidden)DOW (hidden)
Volusia County$1,204.00 FLORID (hidden)KOL (hidden)
Orange County$1,189.73 CRUSIL (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Martin County$1,175.73 (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Hernando County$1,173.95 ZELDIN (hidden)CLI (hidden)
Polk County$1,172.53 (hidden)615 (hidden)
Lee County$1,166.93 EAST S (hidden)286 (hidden)
Levy County$1,159.35 SAAB F (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Volusia County$1,156.98 (hidden)APP (hidden)
Hernando County$1,140.86 ZELDIN (hidden)CLI (hidden)
Orange County$1,139.09 GERALD (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Hernando County$1,137.73 WEATHE (hidden)CAV (hidden)
Charlotte County$1,134.02 BERKLE (hidden)131 (hidden)
Walton County$1,132.42 TPNP L (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Orange County$1,130.33 GONZAL (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Marion County$1,106.73 TAYLOR (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$1,081.94 (hidden)293 (hidden)
Charlotte County$1,072.22 (hidden)630 (hidden)
Orange County$1,065.94 KINIRY (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Putnam County$1,063.01 HALL G (hidden)116 (hidden)
Collier County$1,055.54 FOWLER (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Hillsborough County$1,055.37 (hidden)110 (hidden)
Miami-Dade County$1,036.43 SILVES (hidden)Vac (hidden)
Duval County$1,017.39 STROZI (hidden)120 (hidden)
Orange County$1,014.96 ALAM M (hidden)0 D (hidden)
Citrus County$1,012.92 CRYSTA (hidden)979 (hidden)
Hillsborough County$1,010.91 (hidden)821 (hidden)
Walton County$1,005.50 DOYLE (hidden)Vac (hidden)