There are weeks where there are no auctions scheduled at all such as during Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July or the inevitable hurricane in Florida. Even if a county’s auction is held online, they need their staff to facilitate the results, documents, field phone calls, etc so they will simply not schedule an auction during that week.


There will be times throughout the year that all employees of surplus database will be out of the office for one full week.
When this happens, all auction results for that week will be sent after we come back to the office.

Every single employee in our very small company is extremely vital to the collection, research and delivery process for our lists and reports. No one can take over the duties of another while on vacation.

This may happen a few times per year or not at all.

ALL of this is factored into our low pricing.
Even with the most expensive Pro Level, your cost is less than $3 per hour for the work we perform.

We also perform extra work and give you bonuses whenever we can.