• General Tax Deed Auction information and procedures for each county you choose
  • How to find upcoming auction dates for that county
  • How to view which Properties/Tax Deeds are up for each auction date for that county
  • Where the Auctions are held for that county (Website if Online, Address if In Person)
  • County’s Tax Deed FAQ page for that county
  • Where to find and research the liens and encumbrances that may take some/all of the surplus for that county
  • County Websites for Additional Research for that county


  • A County Page with all links you will need for Surplus Claims for this county
    • What Tax Deeds are coming up to auction
    • Where is the auction held
    • When is the auction held
    • Locate & Research the Tax Deed Documents
    • County Clerk of Court
    • Property Appraiser
    • Tax Collector
    • Official Records
  • Forms Pack for each County to which you subscribe
    • County Tax Deed Surplus Claim Form(s)
    • Claim Tracking Sheet
    • First Contact Letter (Suggestions for contacting potential client)
    • Assignment of Interest Form
    • Contingency Agreement Form
    • Limited Power of Attorney Form
    • W-9 (IRS) Form
  • Q&A Page where you can ask County-Specific Tax Deed Surplus questions. You will also be able to see any other questions previously asked and answered.


  • Auction Dates Calendar: We look for new auction dates every 2 weeks and keep our calendar updated. You will always know what auctions are about to happen


  • Access to our Online Repository: This is where you will log in and download each days’ surplus records



  • Property Information Reports: This saves you many many hours of work, trying to locate and download all the Property Information reports from the different counties. WE go get them for you, re-name them using the Tax Deed Number and have them all uploaded in one central location. These reports contain valuable data you need, such as if there are any liens or mortgages on the property that may take the surplus, additional mailing addresses for the previous owner, etc


  • Official Records and Tax Deed Document Website Links (Plus Video Links)
    You may need more information from other documents the county supplies. We have links to each of the pages you will need, plus a video showing you how to get the documents.


Helpful Documents Section: This area is where we upload all documents, links or other items of interest that may help you with your surplus recovery business. It is always a work in progress with new items being added.

County Information Pages: We have a page for each one of the 67 Florida Counties (not just for the ones where we collect surplus records), which shows you HOW to collect surplus records from that particular county, plus a link to each county website you need.

The Claims Process Flowchart and Details: This is actually included in the Free Course as well

Client Forms You Need:

  • Assignment of Interest Form (PDF and editable Microsoft Word Versions)
  • Contingency Agreement (PDF and editable Microsoft Word Versions)
  • Limited Power of Attorney (PDF and editable Microsoft Word Versions)
  • Claim Tracking Form (PDF and editable Microsoft Word Versions)
  • Sample First Contact Letter (PDF and editable Microsoft Word Versions)
  • W-9 Form (IRS) – (PDF)

Surplus Claim Forms for ALL 67 Counties

Q&A Section on each County Page

Each County Page has a section at the bottom for your County-Specific Questions