Your Membership on Florida Overbids


  • General Tax Deed Auction information and procedures for each county you choose
  • How to find upcoming auction dates for that county
  • How to view which Properties/Tax Deeds are up for each auction date for that county
  • Where the Auctions are held for that county (Website if Online, Address if In Person)
  • County’s Tax Deed FAQ page for that county
  • Where to find and research the liens and encumbrances that may take some/all of the surplus for that county
  • County Websites for Additional Research for that county


  • A County Page with all links you will need for Surplus Claims for this county
    • What Tax Deeds are coming up to auction
    • Where is the auction held
    • When is the auction held
    • Locate & Research the Tax Deed Documents
    • County Clerk of Court
    • Property Appraiser
    • Tax Collector
    • Official Records
  • Forms Pack for each County to which you subscribe
    • County Tax Deed Surplus Claim Form(s)
    • Claim Tracking Sheet
    • First Contact Letter (Suggestions for contacting potential client)
    • Assignment of Interest Form
    • Contingency Agreement Form
    • Limited Power of Attorney Form
    • W-9 (IRS) Form
  • Q&A Page where you can ask County-Specific Tax Deed Surplus questions. You will also be able to see any other questions previously asked and answered.