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Your Surplus Database Account

In your admin area, click Add New User

Fill out the highlighted areas and check Database Only (remove any other checkmarks)

They will be sent an email to create their password.

If they do NOT receive an email, YOU can set the password on their profile yourself and tell it to them

Yes, you can pause your account and here is how that works:

If you want to pause your account, send us a Help Desk Ticket. We will pause the billing (stop charging you monthly).

  • This will deactivate your access to the Daily Surplus Lists and Property Information Reports.
  • As long as you un-pause within the 3 months, your payments will resume at the normal monthly rate you were paying.
  • If you do not un-pause within the 3 months, your account is completely deactivated and if you wish to continue, you have to re-subscribe just as if you were a new client, at whatever the current monthly fee is, including the “First Month” set up fee.

Yes. We accept credit cards here. We manually charge your card the current price for the Level you select.

If you have your own domain name that you would like to use instead of the web address we give you (, then you need to “forward” your domain name to the web address we give.

Domain Name Forwarding takes place where you registered the domain name. For example, if you registered your domain name on, the instructions for forwarding your domain name are here.

Now, this is very important for you to understand: There are 2 types of forwarding, “Forward with Masking” to “Forward Only”

“Forward with Masking” will allow someone to type in your domain name and that name will always show in the address bar.

“Forward Only” will allow someone to type in your domain name and they will be taken to your website, however, the address shown in the address bar will be

We have an SSL Security Certificate installed so that all of our client websites will show as Secure.

But if you do domain name forwarding with masking so that it continually shows your domain name in the address bar, than the Security is no longer there. Your clients will see that your website is not secure and may be scared off by that.

You make that choice.

On, there are 3 subscription levels.

Only the Pro level has researched records. Which ones we research and what we provide depends on the amount of surplus.

The Property Information Report shows book and page #’s of liens for lookup

If the surplus is:  Then we supply

Under $5k: Neither the Property Information Report nor research on liens. However, we do supply you with a link, video and training on where to download the Property Information Report and how to research the liens.

Over $5k: Property Information Report and all liens researched with amount and type. Plus if it is a Judgment, we tell you to whom it is owed because you can pursue them as a client as well. Also, if the Property Owner is a business, we tell you the business owners name.

When you join, you have immediate access to all Surplus Records and Property Information Reports from the current year we are in, back to January 1.

You also have the option of purchasing older surplus records that go back to January 1, 2018. However, any record previous to when we began in August 2019, will not import into the online database we give you (They have different fields on the Excel file).

  • Your website will reside on secure server so your website will have https:// in the address. This is so important and goes a long way in having people trust you and your website.
  • Your website will reside under our domain name of
  • You can choose to use the web address of
  • OR if you have a domain name you would like to use, you can forward it to the above web address (Need Help? Submit a ticket on our Help Desk)
  • Your website starts out just like the Demo version and then using our tutorials, you can make all of your edits.