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These are the surplus records from today that are over $5,000 in surplus:

  • Any documents on the Property Information Report were checked for liens on the property and,
  • Those liens were researched so you know the type of lien, to whom it is owed and how much.

We include the file in 3 different formats:

  1. PDF – This is a Report that makes it easier to view all the records and research
  2. XLSX – This is an Excel File. You can also open it with Google Sheets.
  3. CSV – This is a Comma Separate Value file. THIS IS THE FILE YOU IMPORT INTO YOUR ONLINE DATABASE**

**Please Note: If you already imported the NON-Researched records for today into your database, these researched records will not import because it will recognize the unique private ID of each record and skip it. You must delete those non-researched records from your database first and then import these.

We price these records at $2 per document researched.