The Difference between Florida Counties and Other States

We began our Surplus List gathering in Florida. We are now (in 2019), expanding out to other states. With Florida Counties, we give our records on a daily basis, because there are auctions almost every day in Florida.

With counties in other states, there may be a new list only once or twice a year. Why?

When a Tax Deed is auctioned in Florida, if the property owner does not redeem within 24 hours**, they lose the property and the surplus generated from the sale is set. In other states, there are varying lengths of redemption periods that can be up to 1-2 years. Therefore, we cannot gather auction results right after the auction and present those as “surplus records”, since it’s possible the property owner will redeem their property.

We know Florida County laws up and down. However, we are just now expanding so we cannot say for certain that EVERY other county has long redemption periods, but we certainly know a lot that do.

Therefore, with other counties, we will wait until the county releases their surplus list and obtain that. Once we obtain it, you can:

  1. Purchase it as is, however the county offered it, which would be a PDF, Word Doc, Excel Spreadsheet or sometimes WE have to copy the text list right off their website page and paste it into a document. You can then use our Video Series on File Conversions to learn how to get that list to import into your Online Database – OR
  2. You can purchase the converted version so it is ready to import into your Online Database.

Please Note: We do not add any information or fields to their lists. Whatever they give is what you receive. We also do not offer training for other states. However, when possible, we do give a link to that county’s claim process, information and claim form. We will even download the claim form and attach it to the county’s record on our list.